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Mike Richards and shorthanded goals?

So I was watching the NYR/Flyers game this afternoon and Mike Richards scored a SH goal while the Flyers were down 2 was the third time he has accomplished this in his career. The commentators were looking into who the career leader in this department was and before they solved it I drifted off (NYR play can lead to fatigue) so, what were thier findings? Who is the career leader in SH goals while down 2 men?

ALSO, Mike Richards now has 17 career SH goals in his career. He has only 14 PP goals.......has a player ever had more SH than PP goals in his career?

Also, Mike Richards has 69 career goals.....since 17 of those are SH, that means that about 25% of the goals he scores are SH. What is the highest % in this statistic?

To climb into the top 10 in career SH goals (Dirk Graham and Theo Fleury have 35) he needs only 18 more. Gretzky is the career leader with an astounding 73? How many do you think Richards will end up with for his career? (best guess?)

Dirk Graham scored 219 NHL goals.......35 were SH......that is 16% of his goals. (perhaps the best %?) However, I cannot not seem to find how many PP goals Dirk scored. So, how many of Dirk's 219 came on the PP?


38 eh? Well, that is awfully close to the 35 SH goals.

No, I don't think you could find the answers to the other questions.....even on the webernet......fortunately either LITY or Cyrenaka will dip into that NHL database and find it for me..maybe for the 2 men down Q someone just heard it during the game?!

Update 2:

Cyrenaka- WOW......Poulin and Carbonneau only had 12 PP goals and Gainey only had 14......I know they were all defensive specialists and premiere penalty killers but that total seems ridiculously low. Here I was thinking that Richards "only" had 14!!

Update 3:

Draper......only 4?? I know he doesn't see much PP time but you would think he'd have more just from mop up duty during blow-outs.......heck, even EN PP goals to end games or something....anything........learn something everyday I guess.

Thank you.

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    This is one of those records that is hard to find information on. The NHL has only kept track of this stat since 1998-99.

    I do know that in 1955-56 and 1956-57, Maurice Richard scored 11 shorthanded goals, 4 of which were while 2 men down.

    Mario Lemieux scored 2 3-on-5 goals in 1988-89

    Powerplay and Shorthanded statistics have only been kept since 1967-68, and the 2-man power-play and short-handed stats have only been recorded since 1998-99. This information was actually easier to find before the NHL re-did their website this past summer.

    One of my pet projects is trying to determine how many power-play and short-handed goals were scored in the 50s and 60s (and eventually before)

    Players with more SHG than PP goals (20+ SHG in career)

    Dave Poulin (I'm sure you remember him) 39SH, 12 PP

    Derek Sanderson 34SH, 26PP

    Guy Carbonneau 32SH, 12PP

    Craig McTavish 29SH, 18PP

    Dave Reid 28SH, 17PP

    Douglas Smail 28SH, 6PP

    Craig Ramsay 27SH, 17PP

    Don Luce 26SH, 22PP

    Larry Patey 25SH, 16PP

    Tom Fitzgerald 25SH, 2PP

    Todd Marchant 23SH, 21PP

    Dave Hannan 22sh, 5PP

    Kris Draper 21SH, 4PP

    Paul Ranheim 21SH, 8PP

    Bob Gainey 20SH, 14PP

    Don Marcotte 20SH, 16PP

    Other Interesting Stats

    Most Shorthanded Goals WITHOUT a Power-Play Goal

    9 Pat Conacher and Maxime Talbot

    Most Power-Play Goals WITHOUT a Short-handed Goal

    150 Tim Kerr

    Most Goals WITHOUT a Short-handed Goal

    424 Stephen Shutt

    421 Steve Thomas

    408 Raymond Ferraro

    384 Richard Martin

    370 Tim Kerr

    330 Wendel Clark

    329 Kevin Stevens

    324 Paul MacLean

    319 Clark Gillies

    Honourable Mention: Dino Ciccarelli 608 goals, 1 SH

    Highest Percentage of SH goals

    100% Chris Snell (2/2), Morris Stefaniw, James Nikol, Shane Endicott and Serge Lajeunesse (1/1)

    Minimum 3 SH Goals

    54.6% Gerald Minor (6/11)

    50.0% Gerald Odrowski (6/12)

    44.4% Dan Plante (4/9)

    29.6% Mike Sullivan (16/54)

    28.0% Rick Paterson (14/50)

    27.3% Miroslav Dvorak (3/11)

    26.3% Brad Larsen (5/19)

    25.0% Bill Nyrop (3/12)

    25.0% Maxime Talbot (9/36)

    24.7% Lorne Henning (19/73)

    24.6% Mike Richards (17/69)

    23.3% David Snuggerud (7/30)

    20.3% Matts Lindgren (11/54)

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    The AP is reporting Richards now w/3 however I find that total too low. Considering Gretzky and Messier each have over 60. Unfortunetly ever sight only lists Shorthanded not 5 on 3

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    I heard the announcers saying something about all the SH goals Richards has scored .. Gretzky's total sounds about right. Slats was one of the, if not THE, first coach to use his better players to kill penalties. Judging by the amount of Stanley Cups the Oilers won with him as coach, it must have worked pretty well ..

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    Dirk Graham scored 38 PPG according to

    This site is a little tough to navigate, but you may find answers to others inquiries there.

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