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Silent Hill movie ending - WTF? *warning possible spoilers*?

Hi, I just watched Silent Hill the movie (and loved it), but i didn't get the ending at all, i mean, why was Rose and Sharons home shrouded in mist, are they dead, are they still stuck in Silent Hill, i'm so confused. Please tell me what it means.

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    Okay, ALOT of people at the theatre and my friends were confused about the ending and didnt understand the movie at all (and some of them actually played the games). So just incase anyone else has had the same feelings, heres my theory:

    Okay, so in the end, Rose and Sharon go back home and Rose rests in the chair...while her husband Chris is laying on the couch across from her. Only Rose/Sharon and Chris are in different "dimensions" it seems like. Well, I think that Rose and Sharon weren't exactly dead, because remember Rose said she would do "anything" for Sharon, and she made that deal with Alessa (The Deamon) so she can save Sharon. Although she was separated from life itself, she couldn't abandon her daughter since "A Mother is God in a Child's Eyes", and cause she loved her.

    Now that I think about it, the ending for this movie was perfect because it opens the doors for the sequal, "Silent Hill 2 (Restless Dreams)". Remember when Chris said he would go back to Silent Hill and find out whats really going on? Well in Silent Hill 2 (the game), the main character James receives a letter from his dead wife Mary to return to Silent Hill. He returns to Silent Hill as the letter requested him to, so he can find his wife or where the letter came from. In the movie, you see that Chris senses Rose and Sharon's presence, and notices the door is open and runs outside which then the movie fades out.

    Although James and Chris both had different intentions for going BACK to Silent Hill, to find their wives who are supposedly dead. the idea is pretty much similar. So again, now that i think about it, the ending was perfect for the hardcore Silent Hill fans like myself.

    I got the above from a forum, hope this has helped you understand it!

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    Silent Hill Spoiler

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    Silent Hill movie ending - WTF? *warning possible spoilers*?

    Hi, I just watched Silent Hill the movie (and loved it), but i didn't get the ending at all, i mean, why was Rose and Sharons home shrouded in mist, are they dead, are they still stuck in Silent Hill, i'm so confused. Please tell me what it means.

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    what Jeff said

    they went to the other world [silent hill] and now they returned back to their house apart of them will always remain there >> this is why sean bean's character could sense but not see them both

    oh and it is a great film too

    freaky the first time but afterwards just plain funny

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    As someone who's answered this question many times over, maybe I can help. First things first - no, Rose and "Sharon" are not dead; they're still in Alessa's alternate dimension, while Chris (Rose's husband) is in the real world. To make sense of that, I should explain my take on the movie (get comfortable - it's pretty long)... There are three different dimensions in the movie**: - The real world: What we see up until the car crash outside of Silent Hill; the dimension that Chris and Officer Gucci are in - Foggy Silent Hill: A dimension created by Alessa resembling Purgatory; a place of imprisonment for the cultists and a place of refuge from the real world for Alessa - Dark Silent Hill, aka - The Otherworld: A dimension created by Alessa resembling Hell; a place of punishment for the cultists inhabited by monsters, and a representation of Alessa's revenge **Note - Foggy Silent Hill and Dark Silent Hill are not actually Purgatory and Hell. They're only Alessa's versions of them. Chris and Officer Gucci (the cop helping Chris) don't experience what Rose and the others do because they are in two different but parallel dimensions. Chris and Officer Gucci are in the real world and Rose, Cybil, Sharon and the cultists are in Alessa's alternate dimension. That's why they can be in the same place at the same time and not see each other (e.g. - When Rose runs past Chris and he smells her perfume, and in the end when Rose makes it "home" and Chris can't see her). And as for the ending, here's the deal... There are three parts of Alessa: - Alessa (the burned girl/scarred woman in the oxygen tent) - Sharon (Alessa's good side) - Dark Alessa (Alessa's evil side) Sharon and Dark Alessa are basically manifestations of the two sides of Alessa - the good side and the evil side. As for how Alessa created these manifestations and the alternate dimensions (foggy Silent Hill and dark Silent Hill), it can only be assumed that she possessed some kind of supernatural power, as evidenced by the wilted flowers in her hospital room and her hurting the nurse. This, in addition to the fact that she had no father, would obviously lead everyone associated with the cult to call her a witch. Alessa's power was amplified by her growing hate as she suffered in the hospital after being nearly burned to death by the cult. That being the case, this is what happened: 1) Dark Alessa does not, in fact, take over or possess Sharon at the church near the end. Dark Alessa (the evil side) simply recombines with Sharon (the good side), creating a new and complete "reincarnation" of Alessa. 2) Alessa's "pact" with her evil counterpart (Dark Alessa) that we saw in the flashback not only ensures that she will help her exact her revenge, but that Alessa, after making herself "whole" again, will also have a second chance at life with a new, and surely in her eyes, better, mother: Rose. 3) In the end, Alessa's plan works - she gets her much deserved revenge on the cultists, Dark Alessa and Sharon recombine and create a newly "reborn" Alessa, and she ends up with Rose (who either isn't aware or just doesn't care that this little girl isn't "her Sharon" anymore) as her new mother. Now with Sharon's memories of the outside world to work with after reuniting her two halves, Alessa can extend her alternate dimension and create a world just like the one Sharon and Rose lived in, where they can stay forever. In other words, Alessa doesn't want them to leave her alternate dimension and in her eyes, for good reason. The real world is where Alessa was hurt, abused and humiliated. In the real world, she felt unsafe, unloved and that the people are untrustworthy (especially men, considering that the absence of her father was the source of her torment, in addition to her horrific experience with the school janitor). Alessa wants to live out the rest of her new life with Rose as her new loving mommy in her alternate dimension, where she's in control and she feels safe. Unfortunately for Rose, this means that she is essentially trapped in Alessa's alternate dimension indefinitely. Hope this helps. :)

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    no, they are not dead, they are trapped in silent hill dimension.the basic story of silent hill (games and movie) is a parallel reality (hell on earth).

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    not quite dead but trapped in the silent hill 'dimension' because you can never leave Silent Hill.

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    They are dead.... Basically, they died when the car crashed (as did the police woman) what they experience in Silent Hill is the afterlife there, that's why her husband & the cop don't see what Rose & Sharon see when they look for them in Silent Hill.. Great movie!

  • I've only played the game, sorry. Silent Hill on PS1. I got angry and didn't finsh the game.

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    They died at the beginning and went to the otherside and this is not the case for the sequel but it is in the first film. It's based on the first game but is way off of what the first game ment.

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