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What are your breast cancer stories?

When I was 14 years old I noticed something strange with my breast. It was in the summer time I remember that very well, and I notice sharp pain in my breast. I mean pain that hurt badly. I couldn't go swimming because it hurt me to move my harm on the same side of my breast. I thought it was normal I was 14 years old until my breast started to leak. My breast didn't leak a little bit, it leaked alot. Through my swim suit in public, at school, and at home. It react all my clothing.

I finally went to a doctor and he thought my breast had a skin issue. He gave me cream but it didn't work. He then told me to go to a breast surgen specialist. I went and the first appoitment she thought she found a lump on my breast and she said I may have breast cancer. I was affraid and scared. I was only 14 years old. I didn't want to die.

I found out it WAS NOT breast cancer but it made me respect all the other girls and that 1% of men who do get it. I want to know your breast cancer stories because I have high respect for you all.

I wish I never get breast cancer, and I respect all of you who have had it or know someone who has had it.

What's your story?


sorry to hear that.

Update 2:

Oh I know all about it know. But the Doc's don't know what is the problem with my breast. It hurts alot and i have mostly alot of the sympotus I'm very ahppy I don't have it.

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    Hello, I am Dave and my wife is Becky.

    In December of 07, my wife noticed a lump in her breast, but forgot about it. We were going on vacation to see her parents around Christmas, and then she was starting a new job in January. Now it is late June and she notices a cyst on her breast, then she discovers a lump. She remembers finding one in December, and the journey begins.

    After tests it was discovered her cancer was Stage 2B. At first the oncologist thought that it had gone to to skin. But that was only part of the swelling of the cyst.

    Recommendations were 15 weeks of chemotherapy, followed by a mastectomy, then more chemotherapy and finally radiation.

    Looking back on it all was pretty scary. Lots of tears, cartloads of Kleenix tissues.

    It is like walking around in a cloud of fear, that never leaves. The first day the pharmacy in the hospital was closing and the doctor wanted me to get the prescriptions that she needed to begin treatment. My health plan covered all of the drugs except one. They said I would have to pay cash for it.

    The drug was Neupogen. It is used to boost her white blood count because chemotherapy destroys all cells. I had to give it to her daily. The cost of six injections totaled $12,670.00. I almost died! I was in shock because my wife needed a supply of 15 weeks of it, and the price was only for one week.

    The fears of chemotherapy, of surgery, more chemotherapy, and finally radiation is too much to bear.

    It is taking it's toll on us, but we are strong. Often I will cry (but not let my wife see me doing it). Sometimes I go into the room and she is curled up in a ball in tears.

    And we have three more weeks of the second kind of chemotherapy to go through and then 6.5 weeks of radiation.

    Becky has not worked since her diagnosis. At first I was working 55+ hours a week to try and get income. Now they cut my hours to 24 a week. Becky was the major wage earner in our family. I was attending college, but that stopped fast.

    With prayers and support from God above we will make it. The thing is, once you have cancer your life is forever changed. The old you no longer exists only in memories. There is now the "new you...after cancer treatments".

    That's our story.

    Source(s): I've written more of it on my 360 blog
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    4 years ago I noticed a lump in my breast and it hurt. I went to my doctor and then had a mammogram. My regular mammogram 4 months before showed no lumps. They did find something and I had a biopsy the same day as the mammogram. I went home and cried with ice in my bra. I had a lumpectomy about a month later and then chemo and radiation. My hair fell out but that didn't bother me. Actually I liked being bald, except my head got cold.

    One of my 6 sisters had breast cancer about 14 years ago and my dad's sister has had it twice.

    At work some of the other women come to me and ask questions about breast health. I always encourage them to get it checked. I try to be open about my experience so that they don't get scared and put off getting checked because they may be afraid. Waiting too long can have bad outcomes if it is cancer.

    Not every lump is cancer, many times it is a cyst and they too can be painful.

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    You know, there will be just about as many different stories as there are people telling them because that's the way life and cancer are. A lot of the stories are going to sound pretty horrible because breast cancer certainly can be horrible. Me - I was kind of in the middle.

    I've had 3 rounds of breast cancer. One was pretty gruelling, the others were rather trivial.

    If you haven't seen an endocrinologist, I think that might be a good idea because your problem seems like it might be a hormonal thing. In spite of having had BC 3 times, the only time my breasts were painful was during my adolescence. Well ignoring immediate post surgery.

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    OK, my story, in brief. I noticed a lump, went to the doctor, had the surgery, and am here to talk about it. The emphasis is EARLY DETECTION. Breast cancer need not be fatal by any means. And reconstruction puts you back to normal (or in my case, better!) than before. Good luck to you.

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    I feel for you, and you must be very worried.

    Have you thought of asking a nurse what is wrong? Sometimes they are more helpful and sympathetic, and see things that doctors don't.

    My story is up on I call it Having Fun After Cancer, as there were a lot of therapies that were really lovely and helped a lot.

    Good luck

    Verite R

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