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I want to buy an Electric Airsoft Pistol for under $60?

I live in Guelph Ontario.


I am by no means a professional. I play in the fields by my friends house. The farthest were ever away is like 50 feet. So I want an electric pistol that has at LEAST 200FPS please nothing under 200. I want an electric not a gas/co2 please don't say that. I don't mind ordering from a site but It HAS to be a Canadian site UNLESS it's an american site with really cheap shipping.. Thanks!

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    There's only one AEP that isn't junk, the CM030. best one on the market, and only one worth buying.

    I don't know fo any reliable Canadian websites, sorry, but if I find one, I'll update my answer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The walter p99 is an awsome pistol.. 235fps whit range of 35meters (approx.)

    Source(s): 190 years experience
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