Best Pokemon team for Pokemon Diamond?

What is the best team for pokemon diamond? I have my prinplup already and that's not going to change;)

I also need a flying pokemon as well for.... You know..... Fly. And I don't wanna do any trades please. And I'm only at eterna forest so....?


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    I suggest use this Pokemon's

    1) Prinplup-u already have him to beat fire,ground,rock and (bug+fight) if teached drill peck

    2) staraptor-best flyin pokemon in sinnoh. better than crobat but not in speed

    3)Roselia- to beat pokemons like rock,ground,water,grass(poison moves)

    4)Garchomp-really cool pokemon teach him flamethrower cause there isn't any good pokemons in sinnoh and there is only 1 fire type which is ponyta. He doesn't learn a lot of good moves. You could get flamethrower from veilstone city(buy) or from fuego ironworks in the industry. You get a gible from a cave that u cant see with the eyes. GO to eterna city and go down of the cycling road and all the way in the end u will see a door not that 1 go to the left u will enter a place and thats werw u get 1

    5)Heracross-to beat normal,physic,grass,steel,rock and dark

    6) any1 u like or any physic type pokemons

    Hope i helped u

    Source(s): if u get this u will be unbeatable. If u want u could change heracorss to Lucario
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    I would recommend getting a Starly for now and getting a Murkrow (which I think is in Eterna forest). You could fill up the rest of your roster with Shinx and Budew. The rest is up to you. You're probably going to need a fighting, dark, ghost, and/or psychic type at one point so you should think of that. You're definitely going to need a fire at one point and the only other fire type in Sinnoh besides Chimchar is ponyta.

    My team is (and is going to be): Infernape, Gastrodon, Roserade, Luxray, Honchkrow, and Weavile (which will be replaced by Dialga).

    On a side note, I was thinking ahead or where you are currently. Towards the beginning of the game you don't really need an incredibly diverse team so as you play just make your team more and more like the one mentioned. By more like the team, I mean more diverse.

    Source(s): I play the game, and think of (good) strategies for the game.
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    my pick is starly or staravea for now and u might wnt 2 add sheildon

    you can find him underground and if your lucky like i was u can trade one for groatle then breed for more good deals.and u can find others underground oh and u can only find fly at there building in the 3rd gym city.andu can tranfer pokemon from gba games

    Source(s): me i rock at the game
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    you need a Rappidash, a staraptor, a luxray, a dialga or a palkia, a legend pokemon, and a lucario

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  • 1 decade ago

    Shinx, Shello,Zumbat and train these pokemon

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would use ponyta, prinplup, abra , roselia, onix , golbat.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    probs just catch a starley, there easy to find and can learn fly :D

    best answer please haha

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