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Ok i need a question about autographs! 10PTS Mite go with friend to raptors game!?

I might be going to a raptors game sunday feb 22 v.s Knicks in Toronto and I got platnum seats. Now i would really like to get an autograph from Chris Bosh or some other players in raptors... Mostly CB4, He is my Hero and i would really like to get an autograph of him. How do i get one and when??

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    If you show up early like 2 hours, you could sneak an autograph when the players his the floor for warm ups. Do not beg for an autograph. The players are people also and just ask. That is how i got my Kobe autograph.

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    Well he is on the injured list, so he will most likely be easy to get on from. You could show up like 3-4 hours before the game. thats what my friend does and he gets alot of autographs and stuff like that. you could also wait until half time and just look like a good fan and maybe he will come to you since he will be on th bench.

    but yeah anyways, good luck with your autograph. and your lucky to have those tickets. enjoy the game.

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    Well, you can most likely get one from Chris Bosh because he is on the injured list right now. He will be on the bench the whole time. So like maybe when the team comes back out from halftime, because while the team is shooting around, he will probably be standing by the bench or sitting down. Good luck, have fun at the game if you go.

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    Heres your autograph dear.

    C<HRIS <B()SH

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