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1)How long will it take a ski-doo moving at a constant speed of 45km/h to travel a distance 10km?

2) Mike Komisarek takes a slap shot moving at 100km/h from a distance of 4m from getting behind the goalie. How long in seconds will it take for the puck to blow past the goalie?

3)What is the sped in km/h of a car moving at a speed of 22.2m/s?

4)in a activity to determine the density of water the following results were obtained; 0.91g/ml, 0.95g/ml, 0.89g/ml, 1.1g/ml, 0.92g/ml.a book states that density of water at the temp chosen is 1.0g/ml.Calculate the percent discrepancy between your result and the accepted value.

5)What is difference between accuracy and precision. Give example.

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    okay i will help u, but i would really APPRECIATE it if u in return could go 2 my page and go 2 my questions and answer my recent physics related question please? i would be oh so grateful (only if ur capable of course!)

    1) use formula v=d/t velocity is 45 km/h which is equal to d, which is 10 km, divided by time which is the variable, u have 2 solve.

    its easy if u kno algebra lol

    so v = d/t

    45 km/h = 10 km / t

    now solve, its baby math

    2) do the same thing as done in number one, use the v = d/t formula

    3) this 1 dont make sense. ur asking for the speed when u give the speed?

    4) precent discrepency = known value - experimental value/ known value * 100.

    so the known value is 1.0 g/ml and the experimental is the average of all the data obtained in the activity. get the average and plug it in

    5) accuracy- degree of closeness to the true value

    precision - measurment of closeness between 2 objects

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    fIRST QUESTION: DIVIDE 45 by 60 and you will see how far you can get in 1 minute then divide 10 by the last answer and you will see how long it will be till you travel 10 km

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