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Is Obama endangering the USA?

Here are some recent comments by Bill O'Reilly. After reading this, would you answer this question ? "Are you fearful for our nation now that Obama is at the helm?"

"Thursday, February 19, 2009

Joseph Biden is a prophet. On October 19, 2008, the now-Vice President said, "Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy."

Forget about six months; the foreign affairs insults arrived within three weeks of Obama's presidency. And with the economy dominating the news cycle, very little attention has been paid.

Let's take them one by one.

By far, the most important insult to the Obama administration came this week. Shortly after Obama's envoy, Richard Holbrooke, visited Pakistan, that country surrendered to the Taliban and al-Qaeda, putting the entire world in danger.

In a shocking abdication of responsibility, the Pakistani government now says the Taliban has the authority to impose sharia law in the northern part of that country. That means the Pakistani government is allowing these terrorists to do whatever they want, and that will include continuing their attacks on American forces in neighboring Afghanistan.

This is huge, and President Obama would be wise to respond quickly and punish the Pakistani government. They have thrown in with terror killers; the USA cannot accept that, nor should any responsible country.

Insult two: The government of Kyrgyzstan is closing the big U.S. air base on its soil. That air base supplies NATO forces in Afghanistan. Again, this is huge.

The reason the base is being closed is because the Russian tyrant, Putin, doesn't like America assisting nations like Poland and the Ukraine in their defense strategies. So Putin, who the Kyrgyzstan government fears, has succeeded in hurting NATO's war against the Taliban. Nice.

The third insult comes from Iran. No surprise here. While the mullahs yak about talking with President Obama, they continue to fast-track nuclear weapons. A report by the Institute for Science and International Security says that Iran could have weapons-grade nuclear material this year. So there is now an urgency to the situation and Obama must respond quickly or the nuke genie will be out of the bottle.

And finally, insult four: Crazy Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, celebrated his 67th birthday this week by threatening a nuclear missile test.

Again, because of the terrible economy, many Americans have no idea all of this stuff is going on, but there is no question Barack Obama is being tested and the villains are watching closely to see what he will do.

In his speech last October, Joseph Biden also told Americans to "gird [their] loins." I'm not exactly sure what that means vis-à-vis foreign policy, but it doesn't sound good. I also don't know whether President Obama is "girding" right now, but he had better be doing something. "

End of O'Reilly's report.........are you AFRAID of our new leadership?

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    I find this line of questioning and the rhetoric it depends upon very very sad.

    I would expect that a "Soldier of Christ" might search for either truth or compassion. Instead the rhetoric is dependent upon "FEAR" and "INSULT." I don't recall any parable teaching a campain of either "FEAR" or the requirement of such a superior attitude that there should be any "INSULT." But I do recall something of Humility. I might expect to be offered change next. It would be more in character. We have seen entirely too much of this kind of rhetoric.

    Regardless of the merits of your arguments, to tell me that I must be afraid or that I should be insulted are both techniques of social control and domination. I have to react with the greatest suspicion.

    When it is clear that instead of offering any independent thought you are simply quoting another source, I am again saddened. A Christian fundamentalist at least quotes the Bible. You are quoting Bill O'Reilly. Does he believe himself to be a god? Perhaps you believe that he is.

    What makes me AFRAID is that the capacity to discern the truth seems to be ever reduced in favor of following a few talking heads. Our job is made increasingly difficult as our media is warped into points of view dependent upon the news editors and commentators. I am INSULTED when someone believes that I will accept an emotional perspective simply repeated over and over again. And I am saddened that so many people don't "see planks in our own eyes." But you probably expect me to respond by "turning the other cheek."

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    The best time to push your own agenda is when there is a major change in the works. The switch from Republicans to Democrats in the White House probably only made these foreign moves even easier to pull off.

    But who cares who is in power in the White House? What exactly do you want the President to do? Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran and South Korea are sovereign nations. The U.S. President - Democrat or Republican - has no right to tell them what they can or can't do - no more than they have to tell the U.S. what it can and can't do. Are you suggesting that Obama should threaten to attack them if they don't do what he wants? Isn't that only going to push them even closer to Russia and the Taliban? Doesn't that just make the U.S. look like an imperialist aggressor?

    Obama and the rest of the world's leaders have more than just foreign affairs to worry about right now. The collapsing economy needs to be fixed ASAP. Ironically, the U.S. would have more money to spend on foreign operations if Bush hadn't wasted so much attacking Iraq. It's long been know that Pakistan is soft on the Taliban, so wouldn't it have made more sense to spend the resources there than in a country that had no ties to 9-11 terrorism?

    Joe Biden's comment was quite prophetic, but it is not exclusive to Barrack Obama. Any incoming President would have faced the same challenges. The world is really messed up right now, so there are going to be some changes. Unfortunately, some of these changes are going to be bad.

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    well i didn't read your wall of text, but yes i think in the 2 months he has been in office, he has proven that he doesn't know a thing about the economy, and has so far lied on about 3 or 4 of his campaign promises already.

    American has been in a recession for a few month, so Obama makes a short term fix, which will a) weaken the dollar b) not help the everyday people (13$ a paycheck is nothing) c) create a debt that will be shouldered by our children and grandchildren.

    Another thing Obama said was he was pulling the troops out of Iraq, but forgot to mention that he was just going to throw them all into afganastan.

    He believe he also misled all the black people who voted for him b/c he was black without knowing what his campaign policies were.

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    President Obama is not endangering the USA. George W. Bush and his Administration did a fine job of doing that. President Obama is only trying to clean up the mess the former Administration made. That is why some many Americans voted for him. Bottom line, President Obama won and the Republican lost.

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    1 FOX is not a news is Jewish billionaire's play toy to keep eyes focused away from Jewish crimes around the world.

    #2 President Obama is not in charge , The private Zionist Federal Reserve and it's Corporations are in charge and will soon form a new system of government.

    #3 By any psychiatric definition many of your heroes are sociopaths and you're the best audience perfect for their needs. Proud of yourself?

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    We have found the enemy....and it is US!! Its not Obama's fault people overextended their budgets and now cant pay their bills. I blame the big traders for manipulating the markets, the bankers for making loans they knew could not be repaid, and the average american for not using common sense. Really, a single mom making 35-40K buying a 225K house???? WTF?!?!!??! Or how about the $10/hr guy buying a 30K pickup on top of a four wheeler, bass boat, house etc.....

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    There is no doubt in my mind that Obama will lead us right into the face danger the likes we have never seen before.

    My question is, Lord how much longer will You tarry?

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    Definitely....You answered my question so you know how I feel about the situation.

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    Welcome to Socialism..

    THE USA that we were born into and knew is now GONE!

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    No- God doesn't give us a spirit of fear. I am not afraid.

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