Does this woman deserve equal pay, yes or no?

I went to the U.S. post office last month and shipped out several heavy boxes. I did this on more than three occasions. On the first occasion a rather rotund, but well able man, dealt with the subsequent lifting of the packages onto the scale (to weigh for postage) and then the removal and physical transport of them, to a large cart about 5 feet behind him.

On the second occasion a rather elderly, yet taller man, performed the same service and obligations

On the third occasion, the woman who attended to me asked if i could place the packages on the scale FOR her and then upon seeing the remaining amount of packages on the floor behind me (20 to 30 which varied in size and weight and which were about the same amount her two male co-workers had dealt with) asked me to go to another attendant, because she could/would NOT "deal with that".

In fact her male co-workers were obviously conditioned to respond all too eagerly in carrying the weight of this task for her.

Does this woman deserve the same pay for her position at the post office (if she denies performing the job obligations and requirements ; which include lifting packages of up to 70lbs) ?

Yes or No?


Sunflower, I don't know if you've ever held a job before, but most of them don't offer the "pick and choose" option you seem to be referring to.

Also I should mention that at the time of this incident, no package that was present along side me, was in excess of 50lbs, much less 70lbs.

In addition, it should be mentioned that this is not a regular occurrence for that branch which normally processes envelopes of various sizes and some packages. So it is not like she could have been lifting 50lb boxes all day and just assigned to the counter for a break.

She simply refused to process the items, on this and one other occasion.

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    It seems he refuse to do job. we no can be certain for what reason, but she no deserve same pay if she no do same work as others. Especially if happen all the time. You no can refuse to do job that you hired for!

  • Joanie
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    1 decade ago

    I've always maintained and will until someone gives me an intelligent argument against it. That your work ethic, not your race, your gender or any other discernible differentiation between you and the next person should determine your pay scale.

    An employer employs people so as to profit from the work that employee does. If the employee performs well and the employer wants to reward the employee awesome! The same hold true if the inverse is true. No one has a right to a job, and the only reason you have a job is because the company you work for uses you to make money.

    In your example, we are looking at a quasi governmental position, and we all know how that works. Or should I just say exists to provide employment for the other wise unemployable. Unions and government employees often spend more time and energy on find ways to not work (there are many other there that are true civil servants and go above and beyond for their customers, unfortunately this is not always the case). So I'm upset, not surprised and quite frankly humiliated that someone expects others to pull their weight based on some PC movement but that they should be paid based on nothing more then the guy or gal next to them is making the same money.

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    Well no! But this is up to the employer. If it were piece work, she'd be making less money. That said, if the job's quality is improved at the expense of quantity, then it would be a hard call to make. Better quality work, might over time actually improve revenue. Women are built to tolerate hanging on to a 30 pound baby. Look at women in some foreign countries working in the fields. They likely have far more endurance than a man does. Of course most men can lift greater weights, but I've known many women who can work tirelessly all day long !

    She should be able to lift the 30 pounds unless she has a limiting condition .

  • driver
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    4 years ago

    They deserve equality yet what has to take place is the government could desire to take a seat down and positioned issues into perspective. Ones gender, i think a minimum of, shouldn't enter into the equation. And that could desire to be top around the board - judicial equipment, artwork stress and so on... i think of political correctness and so stated as 'gender equality' has long gone too a techniques in direction of discriminating against men.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, that particular woman should be fired. Women are very capable of lifting 20 to 50 lbs on a continuous basis, she is obviously lazy. I only weighed 115 lbs and I did it for 12 hours a day 6 days a week for quite some time when I worked as a general laborer in a factory, and believe me when I tell you I worked harder than most of the men who pushed buttons all day. If you are implying women shouldn't receive the same pay because they may not be able to lift heavier packages and ask for assistance occassionally, I'd say no, lifts or hoists should be required to assist them with heavier items. Manual labor doesn't pay very well to begin with, and even women need to support themselves and their families, or did you forget that? Actually, not even men should be expected to bend in the manner you are suggesting, because you said the packages were on the floor, 20 or 30 of them, it wouldn't take long for anyone to injure their back bending like that, they should create an area that is level with the person to hold the packages. Maybe her back is bad, IDK. Don't be sexist, please. ;-)

  • 5 years ago

    Im employed at the post office and only man working in the distribution warehouse with approx 7 women. All the woman employees refuse to pickup any heavy parcels, items, buckets or bins. They ask me....we perform the same duties at same pay rate. I don t mind on occasion but totally unfair for same pay rate. Hence, I shop at Walmart and see this incident on many occasion that the man employee delivers customers the heavy items. Totally unfair for the employee even if he is a man. Sorry but this equality is absolutely unfair to majority of male employees in most workplaces. I would agree differently to equality if all employees perform the same duties at the same pay rate.

  • CC
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    1 decade ago

    You're making the assumption that the job requires the employees to be able to lift that weight. Perhaps she can't or the bigger men prefer to do it for her.

    You can hardly base a person's salary on one action. What if she's also the only one that can work late, or that she has management experience and helps with pay roll or scheduling, maybe she knows more about the products and services.

    The problem here is that you're basing pay equity on one factor, a factor that tends to favour men, which is exactly the problem. Some women can't lift as much as men because that's the way their bodies are made, but then again, men who can lift are a dime a dozen so why should that increase their pay?

    You're choosing to ignore several variables to promote this sexist question.

  • 1 decade ago

    If the job requires heavy lifting and she has NEVER been able to tdo it, then no obviously she should not have even been hitred, never mind paid the same as the other employees. If however, she has returned to work after an injury and has a lift restriction, then yes because it is implied that when she heals, she will resume regular duty. Her apparently crap a$$ attitude however, should be fired on the spot

  • IRIS
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    1 decade ago

    That really depends on if she had a medical problem that prevented her from lifting heavy packages. You should have went to her supervisor and complained and then he could have addressed the situation.

    I believe under some law there is a lift that all employees should use if the package weighs over a certain amount to prevent back injuries. :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes she should. It would be discrimination if she didn't. Pay shouldn't be based on physical strength. They hired her despite her unability to lift 70 pounds, so there's no reason to pay her less because she can't lift a heavy package.

    But since you mentioned that she refused to lift even light packages, then she shouldn't be getting paid at all, she should be fired.

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