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Pregnancy Test Results? Faint line?

I took a pregnancy test a little while ago. The test said there would be a line under the T which to mean makes me think of _ . In the picture it showed | as positive. After I took the test the result was | _ . The _ was faint and hard to see. Am I pregnant? Any answers appreciated!

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    I would wait a bit and take another one. Some time's the line show's up even if your not. If it's really pink sorry to say you need a name. I forgot this. They have that one test out their that spells it out. It's more money but it's easy to read.

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    i think you are pregnant because when i thought i was i took 6 pregnancy test and the I line was really dark but the _ was light so i wasn't sure, well i was but i didn't want to accept it :) but i went to the gyno and he told me i was pregnant

  • mindy
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    a line at all is a line.

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