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Seriously considerning starting with Partylite. Does anyone else sell Partylite? What is it like?

I already sell Avon, and I feel I am ready to start another small business. I know someone who has just started, but I want to hear from others too.

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    I love selling partylite!! It is amazing!!! You make lots of friendships by talking to other consultants, they are all like family to me. If you check out other business's (tupperware, home interior's, tastefully sinful etc) you have to keep inventory of your products. Partylite ships them directly to the hostess, and you get $350 starter kit with your starter show, which most of the other company's you have to pay for your starter kit. So i would go with your gut feeling? Are you interested in making more money? Plus our national conference is AMAZING!!! Life changing... i never knew i would be so excited about stickers... lol... if you go, you'll see what i am talking about..

    If you have anymore questions feel free to contact me at my website


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    I just went to a PArty Lite party & the seller had been with Party Lite for almost 15 years & seemed like she was doing well. Unfortunately, those candles, while excellent can be pricey--so her job was to sell us on what the quality was all about. Sorry I couldn't offer more, but just in case no one else answers, I thought I'd at least share this :)

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    I don't sell party lite I sell Mia Bella. If you like having parties,meeting people and can talk in front of a crowd without choking that's great, your ahead of the game.

    Good luck!

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