Insult or Compliment - If someone called you a "Clever Boots" ?

It sounds vaguely like the cleverness of Puss-in-Boots but maybe not.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Clever Clogs is better.

    It's an extremely mild put down, usually to imply arrogance or cheek.

  • textor
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    4 years ago

    i'm with you in thinking it is extra of an insult, even no count if it is not the way it replaced into meant. women all people is impossibly gentle approximately weight, so we are vulnerable to contemplate something different than the information "skinny" an insult. Even a guy who appreciates curves is wide-unfold with he can offend any woman by utilising his selection of words. As loopy as this sounds, maximum white adult adult males i comprehend evaluate "thick" a unfavorable element (or they say they do, whether they're for sure attracted to women people who do not resemble stick figures), yet maximum black adult adult males i comprehend evaluate it a intense compliment. yet whether a black guy tells me i'm "thick" with an appreciative smile on his face, i'm unable to help yet cringe in horror because of the fact I hear the information "fat" extremely of "thick." I choose i ought to experience flattered, yet I somewhat do not. by utilising the way, in case you're 5'9" and a hundred sixty five kilos, you certainly do not meet the standards required to be considered fat! You sound such as you're proportioned the way a woman could desire to be -- finished with breasts and hips. To hell with each and all the genetic freaks passing themselves off as supermodels! 2 days without nutrients and that they are lifeless of starvation! And who could have the final snort then? the genuine women human beings will!

  • 1 decade ago

    its a compliment, if an odd one.

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