Will you join me in boycotting companies that raised prices during the gas crisis, but now...?

....have not lowered them in response to dropping gas prices?

This has gotten out of hand. Understandably, we as the consumers are expected to sympathize with the fact that the rising price of fuel put many companies in the position of raising prices, to offset the escalating fuel prices.

However, what about when fuel prices drop? Have those same companies become sympathetic of the customers and the effects of the economic downturn?

The media seems to have adored playing the violin for companies (like insurance companies for instance) in response to the economic crunch, that has been growing, FOR YEARS.

You'd think half the nation was out perpetrating insurance fraud, from some of the stories we've seen.

Though NOT ONE news program has covered the fact that as gas price decrease, there is no decrease to (already previously) inflated pricing of goods and services!

Will you join me in taking action against these companies?

Will you write to them telling them that you will be boycotting their goods and services, until we see a change back to affordable standards that were previously in place!

From packaged food being reduced in size/volume and being priced higher, to ridiculous surcharge from phone companies!

Are you aware that if we move as a single unit we ill be invincible to the machine that attempts to crush us?

Will you join me, or will you simply stand in the field chewing your cud and baaaaaaaing in compliance with the forces that want to exploit your need and fears?


What I base my "rant" on, is the prices in the markets, in the stores, in the street!

People who like to rush out and check their local pollsters and charts and rely on the lies that are carefully implemented to keep the people feeling "warm and fuzzy" (while the corporations slide their greasy hand up your butt) are simple imbeciles.

"Look here! See what my pie chart with the different color graphs says!? It says everything is ok, in fact, everything is better than ok, it is wonderful!"

That type of crap might be easy for YOU to swallow, but I think I'll just send it off to where it belongs with a nice flush!

I don't send my butler Jeeves, out to do the shopping mate. I'm out there spending the green and not on plastic either. The people who work and scrimp to get by, are the ones who know when the variations in pricing take place. You can stick your pretentious fact sheet up yer bum, where it will undoubtedly do more good.

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    "On a seasonally adjusted basis, the CPI-U increased 0.3 percent in January after declining 0.8 percent in December. The index for all items less food and energy increased 0.2 percent in January after being virtually unchanged (0.0 percent) in December."

    It appears that consumer prices did drop in December and have remained unchanged in January. What are you basing your rant on?

    BTW - if you want the seller's to cuts costs, wouldn't it be fair for all employee raises for 2008 to be revoked as well?

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    Join Me Prices

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    Will you call for the comparable element from the federal government? They earn further earnings taxes from the oil agencies than the oil agencies make in earnings. even whilst the oil agencies made "checklist earnings" the government took in extra only from taxes on the pump then the oil agencies did. They make out like bandits even whilst the oil agencies do no longer turn a earnings by using tax on the pump. additionally if the government does no longer take activity loose loans(withholding taxes) out of your paycheck you are able to placed funds into effective agencies and proportion in those nasty, evil earnings. yet i assume you may somewhat only fork it over to the government and desire which you get something back sometime interior the destiny. stable luck with that!

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    sorry, then what fuel should we use while the boycot is happening?

    and do you mean a citizen's boycott or are you including industry- because i don't see it happening. industry needs constant supply of fuel resources and they're also the biggest end-users.

    you need to come up with a viable alternative before you sack the old system.

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    boycotts don't work. Just support the new energy program, wind, and solar and maybe nuclear power grids

    the oil companies didn't have anything to do with it, it was the stock market, futures and derverties, which ran up the price of the oil before the refineries got the oil for gas.

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    I'm already am, I don't even own a car. As in other items from retail companies and other goods, it's too expensive for me. Even now when they lowered the prices.

    I'm too shy to write to anymore, much less a company.

    But i'll join you.

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    You betcha.

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