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I just recently took a position as a manager of a food service establishment. I am hoping to gain insight from many people or various marketing ideas. What type of Advertisment and Promotion work best for you? What attracts you to a certain business and makes you a repeat customer? Any information you choose to share would be helpful.

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    Having something different to offer or a special price on something can get people in the door. Excellent service or a quality product will keep them coming back. There is much competition in the restaurant business. You can sell an atmosphere, price, quality of product, variety of products, service. You can get them in the first time with gimmicks or promotion but unless they have a positive experience they may not come back. Word of mouth is your best advertising. Good word of mouth will bring in customers. Bad word of mouth will cost you at least 10 customers.

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    Keep smyling face & Clean, healthy,testy food suppply in time will give u best result...............


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