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Just what did Israel achieve by raising a city to the ground and killing over 1300 in the process?

Yes some of the casualties may or may not be Hamas fighters but they still still have the capability of launching rockets against Israel, so was all this death and destruction worth it all There must have been a more humane way of capturing Hamas fighters.?


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    They achieved a more global recognition of the Palestinian cause.

    They achieved sympathy from practically every country besides America for the Palestinians.

    They achieved a fantastic recruitment opportunity for the Hamas. Thousands with family dead and homes and livelihoods destroyed, now have nothing left to live for, and are pretty damned angry.

    They achieved a death toll compromising of a disgusting ONE THIRD children,

    They achieved accusations of war crimes the world wants to see them brought to justice for.

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    What dis Israel gain by ability of killing 1300 50% of that are toddlers? What does "dis" advise? Is your ESL instructor from huge apple? The rockets are nonetheless released (without agreeing with that or disagreeing), Hamas is extensively supported my the human beings international now and the captured soldier isn't released. And the place are we going with all of this? truly, with all due appreciate, sir, I certainly have extreme reservations approximately your intentions with this question.

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    Yes, some of the casualties may have been women and children. Many of which were killed or put into harms way by Hamas terrorists who are afraid to stand out in the open and fight.

    Of course, the other country that borders Gaza...Egypt wants nothing to do with Hamas.

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    you're totaly right. we should have stayed there until hamas is down. and maybe capture gaza again.

    and the fact you're implying that most of the casualties were civilians is simple lie.

    if you really want hamas to lose power, ban iran, cause every dollar iran doesnt have, is a dollar not going to hamas hizballa etc.

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    I know no other way to convince the religious fanatics to stop the attacks.Looks like you do not know it,either.What are all your pseudo-humanistic exclamations for,then?

    What Israel has achived?Look at the number of rockets Hamas launch,and look how carefully Hamas is launching them,trying not to harm anyone.They,by some miracle,ALL fall now in some "desert areas" or at the outskirts of the cities.

    And BEFORE the Cast Lead,their number was 10 times more,and they fell in the centres of the Israeli cities.

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    The UN says 850 killed you say 1300, 850 is a lot, but of these 790 are terrorists,

    So today Hamass can send one or two missiles, were as before they sent 30 to 40, don't you think that is an accomplishment, do you think Israel should start shooting indiscriminately too ??

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    Those blood thirsty vampires have satisfaction of killing 1300 innocent people no more achievement.

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    It was a temporary fix, that is all. It was a big show of force to keep the Palestinians quiet, but it was ineffectual in the long term because so much misery, suffering and hate has been generated as a result.

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    Unfortunately, Hamas is a terrorist organization that is basically creating a hellish existance for families. The childdren are raised to these criminal activities of murder and terror, so it is generations of belief that such destruction is perfectly fine and normal. Hamas strategically locates itself in communities, hiding amongst children and women so that they won't get caught. It is very sad. I can;t think of any humane way to end the fighting unless one side or another is completely relocated. Even then, the teachings will continue because it is mixed with fanatical religious belief. The best thing that can happen is that money is no longer being poured into the middle east for their oil and drug crops. In this our military and peacekeeping missions are making this happen, an other world wide sources of energy are becoming a major priority so that the middle east will eventually be without this financial income.

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    The government was trying to gain favour the elections that were coming up. To a certain extent i think that worked. I have no idea. The winner is still an ambiguous subject.

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