Who is responsible for all the B.S!?!?

What happened to reputable and credible news and news casters like Walter Cronkite and CBS news? Now we only have speculative parasites and gossip mongers, that one could lump into the same pool as IRS agents and pedophiles.

Honestly, when the heck did the Media begin to think that we could somehow benefit from their OPINIONS!? Not just the typical manipulated government sponsored opinions that they aid in disseminating to the public, but the actual opinions of THE BOZOS WHO ARE READING OFF THE TELEPROMPTER!!!???

The news is not about Brangelina and Jennifer, even if they are at an award show staring at it each other, EVERYTHING ELSE IS ALL SPECULATIVE GOSSIP!

How about the report about the Federal Treasury lending out 1 BILLION dollars to undisclosed source last year!?

Why didn't wee hear as much about that, as the lip enhancement some dumb-*** who squeezed out eight kids, has had?

And while we're on that subject; do really do we need to know every detail about that woman?

She had to know that having octuplets would propel her into the public eye, so she got some ridiculous enhancements done, so she wouldn't look so frumpy on camera.

She's a crafty idiot. Not the first and not the last.

My guess is she would be the perfect choice, to have her own show on CNN!

So tell me, is all the gossip BS they are pumping out to you really doing the trick? Or do you see what the "responsible" media and news programs are really responsible for?


You make some valid points JM, but have you seen the news programs from other countries?

Compared to those foreign countries who present the news of the day in the manner it was intended (or at least in the manner they attempt to propagate that it was intended to be), our news is done by a bunch of clowns in a little car and an elephant in a tutu!

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    the news is bought into by rich people with opinions by either a leftee like CNN or a rightee like Fox and the rich people have a big say in how there buisness is runned depend on that friend hence the spin

    plus news is 24 hour programing now instead of the what? 2 hours it ust to be. you got to find the news you just can't say same thing over and over hence the special programs "same story" "different spin"

    Source(s): and now with the weather from Power2 the people
  • Yeti
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    1 decade ago

    Once upon a time there were really just 3 networks. They were watched by everyone, and understood the need to be objective and balanced in their reporting. The country also tended to be more unified, if for no other reason that there was the "common enemy" of communism, the memory of World War II was fresh, and so on.

    With a lot more information sources and a lot more choice, people have increasingly just gone with information sources that present them what they want to hear. The media itself has become but another business competing for attention and gets moved around with short-term dollars rather than with long-term concern for the country. They also tend to have more international exposure and so, consciously or not, also work to please other countries' audiences.

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