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Does anyone knows how to book a transfer to and from the Buenos Aires Airport /Downtown Buenos Aires?

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    Check out Manuel Tienda Leon it is a transfer company, trustworthy and reliable....from EZE to downtown I think it costs ar$45. they are also available from AEP to downtown, or from EZE to AEP.

    Be careful with the taxi drivers yielling outloud at the airport....they may not be as reliable..

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    Do you mean into the city itself, or from the international airport (EZE) over to the domestic airport on the other side of town? To get downtown is easy, just walk outside the airport and you'll find the taxi's lined up and waiting, pretty inexpensive too, at least by US standards. If you want to get to the other airport there are buses running regularly between the two, just follow the signs to Ground Transportation and you'll find several ticket counters. The trip was only a few dollars, 10 or 15 maybe, and took about an hour or so.

    Source(s): Have traveled in Bs As & between the airports several times
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    the perfect element to do could be to call for 2 private automobiles to take you from the airport to the hotel. you may desire to attempt to squeeze into one motor vehicle yet given which you have 5 luggage in all, it won't artwork ok. i won't bear in mind if there's a place in the airport to get a private motor vehicle, yet right here is the interior of reach huge style which you call 4702-3881. private automobiles, considering which you're dealing with a enterprise are very risk-free (although, do no longer take a private taxi from the airport). that is going to fee you approximately a hundred and fifty pesos to get into downtown Buenos Aires which is going out to approximately 40 or 40 5 funds which isn't undesirable in any respect. you additionally can basically take 2 taxis, yet basically take RadioTaxi because of the fact those are the main secure for vacationers. that is approximately one hundred pesos according to taxi to get from the airport to the downtown section, so approximately fifty two funds. you may probably assume to pay 60 to sixty 5 funds just to be risk-free. the only different decision is to take a bus...which i do no longer advice, they are no longer risk-free at night for vacationers.

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    a plane place? what are they called...... ummmmm airports!!!!

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