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Should I take AP calculas or Physics 12?

I'm current grade 11 planning to go into sciences in university. Should I take Calculas and take the university grade 12 physics equivlent course or just take physics 12 in high school because I don't like physics at all it's just something i need calculas will help me get ahead and taking the physics 12 equivlent course in university might be easier?? please help me make this important choice.

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    lol I don't know how you are in any AP courses if you can't even spell calculus or equivalent. But, anyway take calculus, it will help you a lot more for prerequisites.

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    It looks great! You have honors level and AP classes, and there are enough math, English, science, and social studies classes. The thing that will help you get into some of the more prestigious colleges is the two years of German you're taking. It doesn't really matter what your yearly GPA is as long as you have around a 3.8 (unweighted) at the end of your junior year (because this is the GPA that colleges base your admittance off of). This doesn't mean that you can blow off your senior year though - you still have to send a final transcript to your college of choice and they can kick you out after they've accepted you if your grades fall.

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    You don't have to take AP Physics if you don't like it. Take AP biology if it suits you best. Taking AP Physics does relate with AP Calculus in some ways. I prefer taking both. A lot of studying though, but you get to learn interesting concepts about how the world works 'physically'. Calculus is the easy part, its just the old algebra, geometry and trigonometry that is going to get on the way, so its mix.

    Good luck


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    If your planning to go in science in university. First year in university you're going to have to take 1st year math course most likely. That going to require grade 12 physics. If you want to become a pharmacist or taking MCAT, 1st year physics in university would help you do the MCAT and pharmacy school require you to take advance math and physics course in university. I suggest taking both if you planning to go into these field.

    I was just like you though, didn't like physics in high school so I never took it. Only took Calculus, which was really helpful. But I ended taking grade 12 physics in summer school by asking them to permit me without having grade 11 physic.

    Good Luck.

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    I think you should take math first and then physics. Physics requires alot of math maturity and really doesn't tolerate "uhmmmss...uh...what?" It would make more sense to develop some intuition to help you so that physics might be a teensy bit easier later. In my opinion, I do think that Physics is more like 2 math classes. Especially in higher classes where they expect you to learn vector algebra and its applications in less than 2 weeks.

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    I'd take the ap calc. I took both in higschool...but looking back..if i had to pick just'd be the calc.

    Calc 1 tends to be a weed out course in college....they make it more difficult than it needs to be. I'd skip it at all costs.

    Physics 1 is always sort of calc makes it easier.

    Most of the times in highschool. AP physics ...although is suppose to be calc taught as algebra based physics...since not everyone has taken calc.......they're not really different.....hard to explain..but calc makes it easier..

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