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my discus is not eating what is wrong?

my discus hasint been eating for a few days and i am worried please HELP!!!!!!!

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    The Discus might be stressed, ensure you have proper filtration, heating, etc. It is NORMAL for fish not to eat the first couple of days, as they are still getting used to their new surroundings.

    A varied diet helps, including Brine Shrimp, Beef Heart, Flake Food, and Vegetable Matter.

    When discus fish eat, they appear to mouth the food and spit it out before recapturing it and swallowing it. The reason for this is their teeth, or lack of teeth. Discus fish do not have teeth, but rather grinders in the jaw. So when the discus fish is eating, food is taken into the mouth, ground up and spit out, then picked up again for regrinding before swallowing. During this process, many food particles fall to the bottom of the discus fish aquarium. Discus fish will expel water at foods resting on the aquarium bottom, then pick them up as they float.

    Good Luck!

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