Would those who once lived in Palestine actually feel comfortable returning to present-day Israel?

There is plenty of talk about the Palestinian right to return. It appears that some may have a desire to return after a sixty year absents.

I was wondering if those who once lived in Palestine, and their offspring, would actually feel comfortable retuning and living amongst the people of present-day Israel?

Would it not feel awkward?

Would the Palestinians not feel as if they are living with foes rather than friends?

Finally, what would be the advantage of making such a move?

Your insight or observation, or any account regarding this matter would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you!

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    The advantage would be that they could terrorize the Israeli's more easily if they lived among them and in doing so they could possibly gain total control of the Jewish Holy Land and rule over the Jews as they once did; which is what they really want.

    Please note there is no talk of the "right of return" for the 1,025,000 Jews that have been expelled from the newly created Arab countries since 1948, nor is there any talk of paying those people or their offspring any compensation for the homes, land, businesses and possessions that they were forced to leave behind.

  • 4 years ago

    You guys are all MORONS. Israel belongs now and has always been Jews land. Palestine never existed as a state. Palestine is a name Romans gave to Israel. The Quaran doesn t even have a P in their language. There is no Palestine form of currency, no old coins, etc. Get over it.

  • 1 decade ago

    You've hit the nail on the head, though "awkward" perhaps is too mild a term.

    While this does present a problem (especially as much of the land exiled Palestinians once lived on is now occupied by Israelis), Al-Awda (Right to Return) Leaders claim that despite the obvious obstacles, they have a right to return to their homeland.

    As has been evidenced by the recent Gaza-Israel war or even the first and second Intifadas, the Palestinians do indeed consider their Israeli neighbors to be enemies and invaders. Nonetheless, Palestinians believe they have a right to live in Palestine and will, until they die, continue to attempt to return. The Arabs, like most Eastern and African peoples, adhere to a belief in honor. Comfort has little to do with it. Palestinians would probably be more comfortable living as semi-refugees in neighboring Arab countries than citizens in their own land, however, it is more HONORABLE for Palestinians to be citizens rather than refugees and so, regardless of the comfort or discomfort, Palestinians attempt to return their homes.

    As far as the advantages of this move, the benefits are nearly countless. First and foremost, Palestinians will have gained honor by returning to their homes (and as I've mentioned, honor is everything). Secondly, Palestinians outnumber Israelis by a nearly six to one ratio. By returning, Palestinians would simply be able to topple Israel through weight of population (Israel would be forced to redraw its borders according to population, and those borders would be almost too small for Israel to function as an independent state- one of the reasons the current state of Israel has been eager to create outposts and settlements).

    Source(s): 18 years of living in the Middle East
  • 1 decade ago

    Believe me, they couldn't even find these people. If they did, I doubt they would want to return and live amongst the Jews This is just another unreasonable condition to inhibit the declaration of a Palestinian state and have peace with Israel.

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  • 5 years ago

    My dream is to one day return to Palestine my grandparents wernt allowed to live there and died elsewhere I want to die and live in my country

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes,under a new and modern government as opposed to the current and very atavistic ethnic state. They would expect the usual safeguards against racial,ethnic and religious discrimination. It is time for Palestine-Israel to join the 21st century. Under whatever name,so long as it is a modern rather than a tribal state.

  • If I were to go back to the land my grandparents lived on (and then forcefully kicked out of), how would that be awkward?

    I think it would be more emotional instead of awkward.

    I would be thinking of how my life would have been different had I been raised on the same land my grandparents were born on instead of growing up in a different part of the world.

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    1 decade ago

    Palestine, what palestine? palestine what palestine? (sticking finger down throat) A 5 year old could make a better argument than that!

    Its funny how many uneducated Israelis there are here, and you call yourselves civilized? hah Try getting a brain it might help your civilization.

    No the Palestinians would not feel awkward. If there was peace and we were granted in and out as we please than i think most would be happy to go back and see their families and homeland.

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    1 decade ago

    i love the way zions deny a whole country called palestine.

    its either they are acting stupid, naturally born stupid or maybe brainwashed. however they will feel sad since the jewish settlers has terrorized the place and made it theirs.

    and for the idiots who dont know palestine, israel was called palestine before 1948! search on google and wikipedia.

    and stop chopping of ur zions because ur dumb G-d told u so.

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    1 decade ago

    It will be good if Palestinians in exile would return, kick out Hamas and erect a stable government devoid of terrorism and worthy of compromise.

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