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How to cure hernia?? 14 year old?

I'm 14, and I have pain near in my abdomen and my mom told me it's hernia. How can I cure it by myself. I asked my dad if hernia runs in our family and then he was yelling at me and was like "Your always trying to impress people by lifting them up, and doing gymnastics." Find a way to heal it yourself. Isn't the only way to heal hernia, is to have surgery? Can you please help me?

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    A Hernia reduced my sleep hours and as the day progressed protruded more and more. It was quite uncomfortable and caused me anxiety as it seemed to worsen with time.

    I researched the problem online and came upon Indian Health Guru Consultant’s website. I wanted the procedure as soon as possible. The staff at the surgical facility were so competent and kind I was astounded. The procedure was done on time, quickly and efficiently and with great kindness and dignity. The total time was les than 20 minutes. I had minimal pain during the first eight hours and none thereafter. There was virtually no bleeding, scab or scarring. I flew 1000 miles two days after the surgery and spent a few days sightseeing and visiting with my son. Seven days after the procedure I want back to full work. I have functioned normally since then with no effects from the operation except the relief from the discomfort, anxiety and risk of the hernia. Fourteen days after the surgery I ran three miles and used weights at the gym, including squats.

    I am so grateful to Indian Health Guru Consultant’s treatment and care. I would never hesitate for a moment to recommend for professional services of Indian Health Guru Consultant’s.


    Hope this helps.

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    First Read a medical description of a hernia.

    It is a tear in the muscle wall in the abdomen, that allows your innards Intestines etc. to push through, in between the muscles.

    It has to be stitched back together. IT does not heal itself.

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