Will you join me in boycotting companies that raised prices during the gas crisis, but now...?

....have not lowered them in response to dropping gas prices?

This has gotten out of hand. Understandably, we as the consumers are expected to sympathize with the fact that the rising price of fuel put many companies in the position of raising prices, to offset the escalating fuel prices.

However, what about when fuel prices drop? Have those same companies become sympathetic of the customers and the effects of the economic downturn?

The media seems to have adored playing the violin for companies (like insurance companies for instance) in response to the economic crunch, that has been growing, FOR YEARS.

You'd think half the nation was out perpetrating insurance fraud, from some of the stories we've seen.

Though NOT ONE news program has covered the fact that as gas price decrease, there is no decrease to (already previously) inflated pricing of goods and services!

Will you join me in taking action against these companies?

Will you write to them telling them that you will be boycotting their goods and services, until we see a change back to affordable standards that were previously in place!

From packaged food being reduced in size/volume and being priced higher, to ridiculous surcharge from phone companies!

Are you aware that if we move as a single unit we ill be invincible to the machine that attempts to crush us?

Will you join me, or will you simply stand in the field chewing your cud and baaaaaaaing in compliance with the forces that want to exploit your need and fears?

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    1 decade ago
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    I like your spirit about joining hands and kicking the first SOB to the curb for trying to raise prices. You're right too about short counts and less weight as a means for a manufacturer to get more bang for his buck.

    Oil continues to drop because of supply and demand. We are proving that our demand is not nearly what it once was. Many of us do not jump in our cars anymore, for that thirty mile drive to the office every day. This has a huge effect on the oil industry, and although they continue to slash production it doesn't keep pace with our lessening demand for the stuff.

    The country is seeing deflation because of weak consumer demand. retailers are slashing prices and profits in an effort to keep you and I spending. This is only having moderate success, and most are barely holding their heads above water. There are a few that continue to do well. McDonalds is doing very well, as is Walmart. Gun stores are thriving because of the liberal view of gun ownership in America. Bare bones super markets such as Aldi's are doing much better than most.

    I'm forced to join you because unnecessary spending is no longer a consideration for me. I can care less how much Sealy is slashing prices, the old mattress will do just fine. Auto dealers can offer all they want in order to suck me in to buy a new car, and I will happily put in a new radiator or water pump, or add new brake pads, just to keep the old buggy running.

    Of coarse, this isn't what the slugs in DC want to hear. This attitude doesn't stimulate the economy. Well, that's just too bad, they will need to find someone else to sound the charge for pissin away money you don't have !

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    Will you demand the same thing from the federal government? They make more money in taxes from the oil companies than the oil companies make in profits. Even when the oil companies made "record profits" the government took in more just from taxes at the pump then the oil companies did. They make out like bandits even when the oil companies DON'T turn a profit because of the tax at the pump.

    Also if the government wouldn't take interest free loans(withholding taxes) out of your paycheck you could invest in successful companies and SHARE in those nasty, evil profits. But I guess you'd rather just fork it over to the government and hope that you get something back sometime in the future. Good luck with that!

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    4 years ago

    sorry, then what gasoline would desire to we use collectively as the boycot is occurring? and do you advise a citizen's boycott or are you which of them comprise marketplace- by way of fact i do no longer see it occurring. marketplace desires consistent furnish of gasoline supplies and that they are additionally the biggest end-customers. you will desire to come again up with a probable decision in the previous you sack the previous gadget.

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    By not spending money companies will be forced to lay off employees which furthers the recession.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The answer does not lie in mass nationalization.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, but thanks for askin'.

    It's life man, and I agree it's wrong but you/we can't change it.

    Good luck with all that though.

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