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Why celibacy is being insisted for Religious, Spiritual and Philosophic works?

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    hi uncle, the human being which has established its various value systems in many regions so far is from the greater experiences so far since the emergence of this world. through these experiences, the human sect has learned many secrets and ";how to be unconditionally happy"(ananda) from the universe or nature.

    the earth and man are narrowed down forms of the universe. the man can not live as narrowed down form(body, mind and satisfying their arousal) because his body and mind are narrowed down form of universe but he or she as athman(soul) is not narrowed down. but our athman is completely indefinite wide. thats why even though if we are satisfied in any desires and arousal(includes sex too), we go for another bigger happy. its simply because our soul as by nature looks for unconditional happy that happens when we realize our athman(witnessing the truth). then our mind does not go for any other lower level needs. thats what Abraham maslow says that it is the self actualization need.

    ok, now by having this information as ground, lets come to the point. so, its very obvious that all the human being take brith in this world has self actualization need. if it is so, many times our conscious state deviates from the self actualization to lower level needs like sex and other things. and its absolutely nature. and for some extent we have to satisfy those needs. but when we satis fy those needs then it become a record in our sub conscious mind. those urges actually come from our mooladara chakra(ID in freudian view) as a sudden urge that connects with our previus experience with those actions of satisfying those lower level needs. The arousal urge is actually nothing but the basic source of power(shakthy).

    if the power is properly directed towards the positive use of our five senses then our life becomes easy and happy. otherwise, it may lead us to compulsorily involve in improper use of the moola shakthy. its leads to many and many mental and health disorders(for example -- pharabelic sexual disorders). this further arrests our intelligence capacity to proporise our senses and life. more its a slow suiside attempt.

    lets come to my first sentence. the religious and spiritual and philosophic works contains those greater experiences of these aspects which directs and guides us to

    1. proper use of the senses

    2. transforming the basic energy into positive behaviours

    3. THEN(now only) it teaches us to withering away the lower level needs to realize (attain mukthi or salvation). but this can not be taught at first. thats why it teaches first two as above then comes to the 3rd point.

    hope i have answered ur question uncle... take care. and be happy...

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    Because its better to be celibate in regards to sex if one is not married. Sex is not just for having procreation, it is a sacred and there is a union of minds that occurs and a while energy exchange/movement that has to do with this. The people you have sex with you are always connected to them etherically until death. Sex between two committed seekers can be use as a means to develop their consciousness and being, of course everything must be holistic, but this can be an important aspect.

    But I need not go on with this, it's all esoteric nonsense anyways, sex is only physical there is no exchange besides fluids and flesh rubbing -- at least this is what most think :)

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    Because family life is considered a very important function, taking a lot of time, quality time, and therefore is a distraction to religious and spiritual work. This is what is being said and I repeat it like a parrot.

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    It's that 12th Century Pope who said that sex is dirty. It came kinda out of left field, but it strongly redefined the world's perception of spirituality. Ever since then, conventional wisdom supports the perspective that spiritual purity requires asexuality. It goes right along the line that spirituality is opposed to bodiliness (if you can pronounce that).

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    Human life consists in three great drives--urges, desires, and lures. Strong character, commanding personality, is only acquired by converting the natural urge of life into the social art of living, by transforming present desires into those higher longings which are capable of lasting attainment, while the commonplace lure of existence must be transferred from one's conventional and established ideas to the higher realms of unexplored ideas and undiscovered ideals. Page 1772-3

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    Those that think that celibate people will think with pure minds are deceiving themselves. Why trying to suppress such a natural urge as sex is? Is not that unnatural? If you go against your nature you go against your best interest and that will only cause frustration, irritability and abnormal sexual desires. Take some Catholic and Anglican priests as an example.

    I do not know who is insisting in celibacy but whoever they are I suggest they open their eyes and accept sexuality as a natural thing. A person with a happy sexual life is more balanced and likely to give a better contribution to his or her professional field.

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    because without it you will not have the ability to concentrate,work,educate,study,teach,love god and his teachings,enough to carry out his/her be a pillar of awe,

    command respect,in your knowledge of gods spiritual,religious,or

    philosophical teachings and always be in and associate

    yourself with any of the above..with pride of oneself..and the other

    people who holds all of this as truth,and do believe that being this way brings you closer to understanding and respecting it for what it is..

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    It is difficult to not be celibate and not develop a sense of attachment. So, like greed, it limits one's freedom. That said, if you are not celibate for non-egoistic reasons, then I don't see how it would hinder your development.

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    Clibacy is lonliness meaning .

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