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If a nation fires a nuclear warhead at israel and it detonates inside israel, would the U.S. fire at that nati?

if that happens what are the chances that Russia would get directly involved and fire at the U.S.

I am wondering if the conflict going on in the middle east could turn nuclear involving the major world powers


I would say there is a big chance of it now because of the radical muslim powers screaming death to israel. All they need is a warhead and they will use it

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    Israel is not in NATO.

    Israel has its own nuclear weapon and the consensus opinion is that they would use them if attacked with nuclear weapon.

    No enemy of Israel currently had the capibility to deploy nuclear missiles. (unless you include Pakistan which I don't)

    A "suitcase bomb" is a different story.

    Iran is hostile but is still in the development cycle.

    Russia and Iran have a lot of historical baggage. Iran is proud culture with a tradition that goes back 3,00 years. Russia has been pushing south since the days of the czars. Iran has no real love or trust of Russia and vice-versa.

    In summary:

    No one who would want to can fire a nuclear missile at Israel.

    Were someone to use a suitcase nuke Israel would respond agresivelly, possibly including Meca and Medina.

    Russia won't get involved. There is no upside.

    The US won't get involved. They don't need to since Israel has its own nukes,

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    Israel won't use a nuclear weapon. on an identical time as the destruction may be in the main in Iran, the fallout might trip counting on which way the wind became blowing. because of the fact the U. S. is at the instant stationed on the two facets of Iran, we'd be stricken by utilising the countless fallout. that would propose Israel won't use nukes - because of the fact they are able to't risk pissing the U. S. off. Plus, in the event that they nuke Iran, it would be hard for Haliburten to get in and get the oil out. i'm sorry if that did no longer answer your question, yet a nuclear attack isn't possibly an decision.

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    Israel is a small country with only a few major population centers, if Iran or some other country hostile to Israel got ahold of a nuclear weapon, and was somehow stupid enough to fire it at say Tel-Aviv, it could cause major damage, but that country would get wiped off the face of the planet. If Israel is attacked with nuclear weapons, it will retaliate with nuclear weapons, and Israel has enough of them to turn any country the middle east into a radioactive pile of rubble.

    It is widely believed that Israel has as many as 200 nuclear weapons and unknown amounts of biological weapons, not to mention that even if Israel didn't have them, the US has 10,000 of them, it goes with out saying that whatever country attacked Israel with a nuclear weapon would be screwed.

    That goes the same for many western nations

    However this is unlikely, because its almost certain that no nuclear power would attack another nuclear power, because of MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction. And even if they don't destroy you, their allies would.

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    You wouldn't be able to HOLD Israel back. Minus Iran, Israel is the only country with a single iota of capability to use nuclear weapons. No chance of the middle east going nuclear anytime soon. We should still address it though.

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    The US doesn't want to escalate a nuclear war, so I'd say probably not unless the US was directly threatened.

    Whoever fired the nuke would be internationally condemned and removed from power with traditional arms.

    Besides, Israel has its own nuclear weapons. If it's hit, it can respond on its own.

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    Yep they will get involved its called NATO ally, and they buy a huge amount of weapons from the U.S. Always have and always will. Any country willing to nuke/wmd (bio/chem) in Israel will pretty much start it all, because Israel's final solution is to nuke every enemy city within it's reach if it does happen. So picture this.....Tel Aviv gets hit and 24 muslim cities from Syria to Iran are nuked and thats by Israel alone. Bad situation anyway you slice it. *God help us all*

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    Nothing will happen. When Russia invaded the country of Georgia last year the USA did nothing. In fact the USA is weak and can not do much at all. Look at Afghanistan. They have rag tag people with basic weapons and we can't beat them after 7 years.

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    Why would Russia commit suicide to save some psycho Muslims?

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    im pretty sure theyre in NATO.

    witch means yes.

    actually there is a world agreement; If anyone one country fires a Nuclear Weapon, all the other countries will launch their weapons at the other country.

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    I hope so.

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