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GUYS ONLY PLEASE! you boys are smart. Please answer?

My bf turned 22 and i guess had a reality check. We were dating for 2 years and he was telling me how he feels old etc.

then BOOM..we broke up but it was bitter sweet.

He tells me how much he loves me and how hard it is and how amazing i am and how much he wishes he was 25 so he could marry me right now etc.

but his mind is made up aboutthe breakup and even though i tried talking about it he gets mad. so i have to leave it

should i just leave him and give himhis space and let him figure things out?

Its so tough. I saw him 2 weeks ago (we broke up on feb 1st) and he cant stop hugging me and treating me like his gf again when we see each my door, kiss my hands, my nose etc.

We are also both in ourr 4th year of university as well

Honestly, the relationship was so mature and great. Even he admitted that when he was talking about it..sad ofcourse.

We hvant talked since Valentines day and its hard because we talked everyday for a year. I know he still loves me and still cares. The last 2 times i saw him he couldnt let go of me and couldnt stop telling me that yet didnt want to talk about why he wants this.

ok, so its been a month and he saw my a university the other day and i waved to him...he came up to me and hugged me for the longest time and kissed my forehead. I was confused!! he sent me a msg later that night saying ti was good to see me and that he enjoyed the hug he also said that if we had started dating when we were 24/25 i would have been the one. & that right now he needs to figure himself out first.

what shouild i say to that!?!?!?

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    Ik what he is going through and its simply what he said. He has to thinkof his career. A house, his life, finances. Until any man out there gets these all figured out and stuff, he will not stay commited until he settles out everything in life. Thats how almost every guy is.

    He wants to be with u very badly and its apparent! But he has to settle out everything first. If u can wait for him, or try to ask him to come back, he may. Its hard when something like this happens for a guy that met a great girl like you. He even said that. Its just life has important things that need to be attended to first and then he can focus 100% on u.

    Its just how it is, nothin can be said asbout it except time will only tell what happens.

    Best of wishes.

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    what a load of ****

    my boyfriend and i met in uni too, and we both fell in love. we are only 22-23 and we got engaged we wont get married until we're 25 but it sounds idiotic to break up because you don't feel old enough to get married yet you still love someone? it's not like your 14! 24 is only two years away. . . is he seriously saying to you if it was two years from now you would be the one, but since it isn't you aren't. That boy is feeding you some kinda bull sh***! move on a real man would have given you a better reason or stayed with you to begin with!

    I don't know what your guy is like but the hugging, sounds like he doesn't want to date you right now but also doesn't want you to move on. The hugs, telling you he loves you, that's to give you hope and keep you on a leash so if he changes his mind your still around. I would play along tell him your glad he broke up you realize maybe it wasn't meant to be and are glad to have a change to meet some new people . . . if he comes running back you know he was just playing, if he doesn't then you really should move on . . .no harm done. Don't wait around for someone who might never make it back to you.

    ps. Soccer phil . . . if you love someone your a moron for letting them go, anything in life that needs to be sorted out can be sorted out a lot better with the help and guidance of someone who loves you . . . use your brain!

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    Give him his space. If you guys are in the last year of university, and he's been dating you for 2 of those 4 years he might be wanting to have one last single fling before entering the real world. He's hinting at this by saying if he were older he would settle down with you. Right now, he just wants time to himself to sew his wild oats. Keep him around as a friend if you can, but move on romantically. When you find someone who will love you no matter if it doesn't fit in their life plan, that's who you want to be with. You can't pre-plan your life or who you fall in love with. When this guy finally comes around and you're taken, he'll realize the mistake he's made.

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    I read the whole thing

    idk but it sounds like he's more in love with himself right now

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  • Anonymous
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    He may have broken up with you because he felt he did not deserve you and thought that you could do better. But you should really show him that you are still interested and you want him back.

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    just keep in touch and let him know if he needs help figuring his life out you are there to help him

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    he could be your best couple ...

    remember the movie notebook

    but your choice

    it would hurt me if i would leave mine at 4th year of collage

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    girl watch it girls are smart too

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