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How do you download free full version games from torrentz? What does the file say at the end ex. exe?

Can you please tell me the step by step process when downloading games from torrent or limewire?

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    Don[t listen to david d just download vuze for free at and then go to any torrent site like my favorite and look up anything you want just don't forget to read the comments if the game is good or a fake and be sure to read the directions that come with the file and that the game comes with a crack folder. you might need a couple of programs that you can download from torrent sites like Daemon Tool,Power ISO, or magic ISO, and WinRAR to open or play games.

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    Step 1: Open the software

    Step 2: Remember that copyright infringement is illegal

    Step 3: Buy the game from a store instead.

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    This is a link where you can downlod for free Max Payne 2:

    Finally the full version is avaiable!

    In Max Payne 2, you will start just with a small weapon, a 9mm pistol, but you will get more and more advanced ones as you move forward on the gameplay.

    It's my favourite game.

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