How do you get a person to complete a circuit with out electrocuting them?

A UFO ball is a ball that lights up and makes sound when you touch (with your hands) two metal contacts an the exterior of the sphere. It will light up if one person touches both contacts or 1000 people hold hands and the last to each touch a contact. I want to apply this to a 9 volt light bulb. I have a 9 volt battery an aligator clip to both the "+" and "-" ends. I then have the "+" aligator clip attached to a light bulb. when I touch the second aligator clip and the light bulb, the light bulb does not turn on. how do I get it to turn on step-by-step process with me completing the circuit, do I need to buy anything, what is the problem.

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    The resistance between your hands is probably about 100000 ohms (100K).

    So if you put 9 volts across this, you will get 90 microamps current.

    9V divided by 100K is 0.000090 Amps or 90 microamps. (Ohms Law)

    Your light bulb is likely to need about 100 mA to light up so you don't have enough current to light the bulb.

    You need to amplify the current to get the light bulb to light up.

    You may get a partial lighting of the bulb if you use a single high gain transistor (such as a BC548) and use the resistance between your hands as the bias resistor for the transistor. Use the transistor to turn on the light bulb.

    Edit your question if you want to know how to do this.


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