How do you get a person to complete a circuit with out electrocuting them?

A UFO ball is a ball that lights up and makes sound when you touch (with your hands) two metal contacts an the exterior of the sphere. It will light up if one person touches both contacts or 1000 people hold hands and the last to each touch a contact. I want to apply this to a 9 volt light bulb. I have a 9 volt battery an aligator clip to both the "+" and "-" ends. I then have the "+" aligator clip attached to a light bulb. when I touch the second aligator clip and the light bulb, the light bulb does not turn on.

Please answer the following questions on this:

1) How do I get it to turn on step-by-step process with me completing the circuit.

2) If I need more current how do I get it?

3) If there needs to be more voltage how many more batteries should I add?

4) How do I get more current without increasing voltage?

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    The UFO ball probably uses a capacitance touch switch circuit. Try Googling:

    capacitance touch switch

  • goober
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    If the current through the person were enough to light the bulb, it would be enough to kill him or at least give a serious shock.

    I would guess that the ball has internal electronics so that the current flowing through the people touching it is much much less than what lights the internal light. The flow of a small current is detected and used to control a solid state switch to light the bulb.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Is the battery good?

    Is the bulb good?

    Connect the + battery to one of the two terminals of the bulb (or the center of the base, depending of what type bulb it is).

    Connect the -- to the other terminal or the side of the bulb.

    More voltage will burn the bulb out, (positive to negative to positive to negative to positive to negative). connect the positive to center and negative to side but, if you series 3 - 9Volt batteries together you will need a 25Volt to 30Volt bulb. (3 batteries X 9Volts = 27 Volts.)

    More amperage can be gained by connected more 9V batts in parallel, (positive to positive to positive to bulb tip and. negative to negative to negative to bulb side). The more batteries - the more amperage.

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