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VFR sluggish in corners? CBR comparison.?

Is the VFR 'sluggish' in corners. I don't want an "old man's bike", so to speak. How does the VFR corner (especially at high speeds). I know it can't take twisties like a CBR600, but how much 'worse' is it? Does it corner more sharply than a cruiser? Can you take a corner sideways (knees skidding on the ground) on the VFR? Try to answer as many / as well as you can. Biggest issues:

How well does it corner in general?

How well compared to the CBR600?

Thank you!! :)

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    As mentioned before - it totally depends on the rider.

    If you have two pros on both, then the CBR will whip the VFR.

    Two average riders will probably be equal in corner speeds on the two bikes.

    Both bikes will be a handful for a newer rider, the CBR because of its quick power and aggressive brakes, the VFR because it can feel heavy and big.

    Three questions. What is your experience level? What type of riding will you be doing? Are you a big person?

    If you're a small rider with little experience, then look at something smaller and less powerful than either of these.

    If you're a big strong person, 5'10" or more, with some experience, then the VFR might be a good option. If you're planning on doing any weekend or longer trips, then definitely the VFR.

    If you've got lots of saddle time on smaller bikes, will be riding mainly short distances and lots of tight twisty roads, then the CBR is the only answer.

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    Very few street riders explore even a small part of their bikes potential. If you compare a CBR600s and VFRs from spec sheets and professional reviews, the CBR will stomp the VFR. In the real world, the better rider will be faster.

    The last review I read about the VFR said there is a reason it has won so many "best bike" awards. I doubt you would ever need more cornering than the VFR offers.

    Then again, given equal riders, the CBR will beat the VFR every time.

    If I were you, I would take some test rides.

    If you are a new rider, neither are going to be a good choice though.

    An SV650 would be a great place to start.

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    Which VFR do you mean? I remember them as 750 and 1100cc

    The Interceptor wasthe factory street racer.

    The Saber was stylish and competent but not a knee dragger. Are you a real knee dragger?

    The Magna was a power cruiser ,competent in it's own right as a cruiser.

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    the vfr is ok. i know the cbr looks way cooler and sick but the vfr would be cheaper on insurance. the vfr would be more comfortable to. but again it also depends on your experience and style.

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    The VFR should be slightly better through the corners and the CBR better on the straights.

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    The VFR is plenty nimble even at high speed.

    Source(s): i rode the crap out of one
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