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What are some examples of diversity in the tertiary sector of an economy? HELP!?

Specifically the Nova Scotian economy, but it doesn't really matter.

Could I say things like: banks, theaters, shopping malls, public transportation, restaurants... ?

Those are all services and I guess they're diverse?

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    Here are some excerpts from a few online articles--links are included. They aren't all from Nova Scotia, but they should give a general idea.


    The tertiary sector includes:

    • Cyclical Services with the sub-sectors Retail; Trade; Leisure;

    Entertainment and Hotels; Media and Photography; Support Services

    and Transport

    • Non-Cyclical Services with the sub-sectors Food and Drug Retailers

    and Telecommunication Services

    • Financial Services with the sub-sectors Banks; Insurance; Life

    Assurance; Investment Companies; Real Estate; Speciality and Other


    • Utilities with the sub-sectors Electricity; Gas Distribution; Water;

    Postal Services; Recreational and Sport Facilities and Services

    • Information Technology with the sub-sectors Hardware; Software

    and Computer Services

    • Government/Public Sector includes Local Government; Provincial

    Government; National Government and Trade Unions



    Branch of services Number of employees (in thousands)

    1993 2003 Index 2003/1993*100

    Trade 608.7 735 120.7

    Entertainment and accommodation 111.7 184.4 165.1

    Transport and telecommunications 384.7 360.8 93.8

    Finance and insurance 64.6 94.2 145.8


    Company services 1) 303.3 447.2 147.4

    Public administration and defense 132.7 196.4 148.0

    Education 323.9 299.8 92.6

    Health and social care 263.3 285.9 108.6

    Other services 158.7 167 105.2

    Services in total 2,351.6 2,770.7 117.8

    3. A short article, discusses tertiary sector within narrative


    4. This link on Nova Scotia has a short reference to tertiary sector


    5. This article makes a reference to tertiary sector in Nova Scotia


    Hope these help!

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