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Who won the typing race me or her?

hi ok me and my friend had a typing race and she says she won but i did i even have the exact thing where we sent it but she says i lost can u tell who won?

Julie says (10:19 AM):

hi my name is julie and my fav food is pizza

Stephanie says (10:19 AM):

Hi my name is stephanie and my fav food is lobster


i sent it frist and i waited like 20 seconds before she sent it

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    in order to gain an accurate prediction, you need to both type the same thing.

    choose something exactly the same, so you can be sure that one of you is not typing less or more.

    this way there is no need for people to time you.



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    Well, to fair. You really can't tell who won with out a second counter as either one of you could have typed that sentence within 60 seconds. I would say it's equal due to Julie posting first but Stephanie used better punctuation and more characters.

    But to be absolute, get another friend with you two side by side typing the exact same thing with a stop watch..see how many things you can type in one minute. whoever has more..wins.

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    I have no clue what you are talking about or how to help you without better details...

    Both type the same thing like everyone is saying and time it. I recommend typing: "The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dogs." because it includes every letter of the alphabet. type it multiple times in a set time limit like 5 minutes or so and see who has it typed the most times and who has the least errors and compare it.

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    ►use another two people and ask them to go by you and your friend so they can time you each

    --->the convosation above looks like julie was quicker

    please answer this >>;...

    hope i helped

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