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When people win awards for acting, what do they get?

Do they get anything when they win the award?

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    Awards shows like the Oscars, Tonys, Grammys, etc, are generally more promotions than anything else. They exist so that people will want to go out and see whatever movie won the Best Picture Oscar or buy whatever album won the Grammy for Album of the Year. They keep people thinking about movies, music, shows, etc, after the holiday season when most people aren't too eager to spend any more money.

    The individual people who win the awards get the benefit of the added boost to their careers. Being an Oscar or Tony winning actor will raise an actor's profile considerably, which will in turn will make high profile directors and such more eager to work with them.

    Of course, the awards show swag is a nice bonus.

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    Yeah, they get fame. It's like getting an Oscar except for Broadway. If you don't know Broadway, you're probably not going to know much about who won what, but if you do know Broadway, those people are very famous to you. They also get a lot of respect and honor.

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