give me 5 ressemblance between rome and unites-states please!?

its for my daughters!

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    There are many similarities and differences between the United States and Rome. Both were and are major powers in society. They also had their share of great and not so great leaders. For example, Rome had Julius Caesar and Constantine as great leaders, and the United States has had greats like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Rome had it's share of bad leaders in Caligula and Nero who were most likely insane , doing things from burning down their city, to appointing there favorite horse as consul! United States bad leaders may be considered as people like Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter for their blunders as president. The governments of Rome and the United States are quite similar too. Both have three separate branches of government. Rome and America both have a republic. America also has a democracy. Although the exact types of republics do vary, in that America is a republic and democracy but people do not have complete power, they are governments in which the officials are elected by the people. Rome started this form of government to keep one individual from gaining too much power, which can also be said for why we have a type of republic. In times of war, Romans would elect a dictator that had complete control of the government. They would be the dictator for six months, which was the time until his term was up. In the United States, the President is elected and is automatically Commander and Chief of all armed forces. As for religion, Rome had its belief in the gods like Neptune, the sea god, and Mars, god of war. Jews were allowed in the Roman Empire, and Christianity was widely practiced in Rome. In the United States , people have freedom of religion, although Christianity and Judaism are very common and popular among the people.

    A lot of people have been comparing the United States to Rome in the sense that we are so powerful, that we will eventually fall like Rome did. But it has been studied that Rome did not fall out of no where. It was very gradual decline that took many years. I think that this may be true, nut it would be very hard for us to fall or decline so much because we are more advanced and prepared. Rome fell at it's peak time. I believe is not close to there peak yeah. Rating us on a scale of one to ten and going up or down, I would say we are about a 5 going up. We have made great advancements in lots of technology, space travel , and medicine and that it can only go up. We have the potential to eventually find a cure for all diseases, or travel to the ends of space.

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  • 4 years ago

    I think the United States does the best job in the world adjusting to a changing world. Unlike earlier civilizations, ours seems to adapt. We did so when we freed the slaves; handled the massive immigration of the Irish, Norwegians, and Jews; gave women the right to vote; handled the major immigration of Latinos and Asians; handled the changing mores that make it acceptable for interfaith couples to marry, legalized interracial marriage, and brought about rights to gays; we adapted when Hitler threatened the world, when the Soviet Union was a major power, and we're now currently adapting to a world where we have to contend with terrorists. Ours if a very adaptable society. Some people might kick and scream and fear changes, but it's our ability to accept change that has kept us so great a country. The fall of the United States is nowhere in sight, and we have a far more perfect union than we did when child labor, slavery, and discrimination were legal.

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