Does anyone know anything about Leukemia?

My kids were on the outs with their father, for good reason, but about 4 years ago he and his new wife told them he had Leukemia and may only have a few months to live. I advised the kids they should probably see him, spend some time with him, said he was their father and they didnt want to have regrets or feel guilty etc

Well here it is 4 years later, after the kids started seeing him again he "went into remission". I am wondering if this whole thing is a lie, he has never missed a day of work, he has never been on any medication, he continued to work full time, he has never shown any signs of being ill, and a few times when I asked how he was feeling he looked confused as if he didnt know why I would ask.

I believe he has liver problems because of his excess drinking and has quit drinking, or so he says but I am beginning to really doubt the leukemia story, especially when he was supposed to be SO sick he only had a few months to live.

I know nothing about adult leukemia, does anyone know if this is plausible or not?


Here are the two symptoms he mentioned having, I dont believe you can be sick like this and NOT require treatment and go into remission without any treatment of any kind.

Bone and Joint Pain — Pain in bones and joints is another common symptom of leukemia. This pain is usually a result of the bone marrow being overcrowded and "full."

Abdominal Distress — Abdominal pain also may be a symptom. Leukemia cells can collect in the kidney, liver and spleen, causing enlargement of these organs. Pain in the abdomen may cause a loss of appetite and weight.

He said it was in his spleen, and others I have known who have leukemia in their spleen havent lived long.

Update 2:

Treatment of leukemia, in general, is usually divided into two phases: 1. Induction. This is the attempt to attain a remission meaning that the bone marrow appears normal. 2. Consolidation. This involves giving the same or different treatment, even when the patient appears to be in remission because of the suspected or assumed presence of residual disease that cannot be detected.

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    Well, people can live their normal daily lives for years with some of the chronic types of leukemia. My great aunt was diagnosed with a chronic form like 8 years ago and only now is beginning to become unable to work. There is atleast one chronic type that is more or less a watch and wait thing when it comes to treatment.

    So, there is a possibility it could be plausible, that he still worked and didnt take medicine. However, saying he went into remission with no treatment is fishy. The acute types would have required immediate treatment and he would have been very ill.

    If you really want to know, I would push him to tell you what type he had. There are four more common types, cml, cll, aml, all, and several less common. If he really had leukemia, he will know what type he had.

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    Leukemia is cancer of the white blood cells. White blood cells help your body fight infection. Your blood cells form in your bone marrow. In leukemia, however, the bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells. These cells crowd out the healthy blood cells, making it hard for blood to do its work. Leukemia can develop quickly or slowly. Chronic leukemia grows slowly. In acute leukemia, the cells are very abnormal and their number increases rapidly. Adult acute leukemia can cause



    Weight loss


    Easy bruising or bleeding

    Adult acute leukemia can often be cured. Treatments may include chemotherapy, radiation and stem cell transplantation. Even if symptoms disappear, you might need therapy to prevent a relapse.

    I don't know too much about the connection but a friend of my mine battling with leukemia beat it and then have her liver gave out because all the chemo treatments and she sadly she passed away. SO if he had leukemia and liver problems i think he would need more medical attention because the liver pretty much detoxs the drugs that enter the body. But not everyone who has cancer needs chemo.

    Hope this helps a little! Take care

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