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Can a class 4 flight instructors teach ground school?

was wondering if only class 1 and 2 flight instructors teach ground school. By ground school i mean private pilot, commercial, etc. I heard that class 4 instructors only teach the flying portion not ground school. Thanks

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    In Canada, the holder of a commercial pilot licence or airline transport pilot licence may have their licence endorsed with a flight instructor rating - aeroplane. Initially, the pilot is endorsed as a Class 4 flight instructor. This allows the pilot to deliver flight training towards the issuance of a Recreational Pilot Permit, Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, Night Rating, and VFR Over-the-top Rating. The Class 4 flight instructor may only conduct training while under the supervision of a Class 2 or Class 1 flight instructor.

    After satisfying certain requirements (satisfactory flight test records, experience requirements, written exams, and flight tests), an instructor can upgrade their rating to a Class 3, Class 2, and Class 1 instructor rating. The Class 3 flight instructor does not require the supervision of a Class 2 or Class 1 flight instructor. The Class 2 flight instructor may supervise Class 4 flight instructors and act as the Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) of a flight training unit. The Class 1 flight instructor may give ground school and flight training towards the endorsement of a flight instructor rating.

    Source(s): As much as I hate to rely on the information being correct on Wikipedia, That's where the above comes from
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    In Canada there are 3 rating types that I know of for flight instructors. I have never heard of a class 4, but as far as I know, there could be one.

    But to answer your question, the lowest class of instructor can teach ground school. One flight instructor that had just passed his course taught me Navigation.

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    They spend most of the time flying, with at some ground time prepping the student for the flight and reviewing it after landing. The preparation for the written test is done separately from the flight instruction in a ground school class, or with computerized training tools, or by self study. If you self study an instructor has to certify that you are ready to take the written test.

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    As Cherokee has stated, in Canada, there are 4 classes of flight instructors depending on the instructor's experience level.

    As for ground school instructors, most Flight Training Units that I know of will often have their more experienced instructors teach the groundschools. However, from what I can tell in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS), all classes of flight instructors can teach ground school courses.

    Regulation 406.24 states: 406.24 No flight training unit shall appoint a person as a ground instructor and no person shall act as a ground instructor unless the person holds a flight instructor rating in the appropriate category or meets the personnel licensing standards.

    When you check out the Standards, Standard 426.24 states that:

    426.24 Requirements for Ground Instructor

    The requirements in respect of the position of ground instructor are:

    A person may be appointed or act as ground instructor for a flight training unit if that person:

    (a) demonstrates to the chief flight instructor, or designated assistant chief flight instructor or check instructor, that they have sufficient aviation experience to have technical competence in the subjects they are to teach; and

    (b) is briefed by the chief flight instructor, or designated assistant chief flight instructor or check instructor, on his or her duties and responsibilities and the applicable instructional techniques set out in the Flight Instructor Guide, Part I.

    Therefore, it's up to the Chief Pilot to determine if a non-flight instructor has the requirements to be a ground school instructor.

    So, short answer - yes, class 4's can teach groundschool.


    James Ball

    Author of "So, You Want to be a Pilot, Eh? - A Guidebook for Canadian Pilot Training"

    Source(s): Canadian Aviation Regulations -
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    What country are you in? I have never heard of any "class" of flight instructors. Either you are or you are not. Here in the US, a flight instructor can give instruction in any aircraft they are rated in, and can and do give ground instruction. A ground instructor can give the ground portions of flight instruction but not the flying part.

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