Pride and Prejudice Mr Darcy?

hey im doing a comparison of how Mr. Darcy is represented throughout the following texts: Pride and Prejudice (novel), Pride and prejudice (2006) version the 1995 BBC adaptation and Bridgett Jones's Diary.

does anyone have any suggestions as to the different representations of his characters in the different texts


ah yes they are texts a film is a visual text. a text is not necessarily a book.

Update 2:

i have read both texts was just asking if anyone had done the same and noticed differences in the portrayal of Mr. Darcy

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    in the novel he is both very proud and arragont and quiet. really snobbish at the start. he then turns into a real gentlemen and the perfect, handsome and rich man

    the film's mr darcy is very quiet and arragont but not very proud. he looks down upon everyone but is not as brutally spoken

    sorry but i havent seen briget joness diary, i think i will watch it now its got a darcy in it :) :D

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    Since when is a film a text? By definition, for that to be true the film would have to have every word of the novel read aloud, in the same order as written in the original source. Maybe in your class people choose to refer to films as being *like* visual texts, but arguing that a film is a text is wrong.

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    Well, don't refer to the other adaptations as 'texts' for starters because they aren't.

    Suggestion on the different representations= watch the filmed versions and read the text.

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