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Is this good wording on a save the date cards if my fiance has divorced parents?

I just wrote up my save the date cards. I wanted to go the traditional way and include our parents (since my parents are paying for most of it and his Mom is paying for part of it). But I thought it would be rude if I used my parents, his Mom but not his Dad. So here is how I worded it.

I used fake names for the example!

Mr. And Mrs. John Smith (my parents)

and Mrs. Stacey Brown (his Mom, with her re-married last name)

along with Mr. Marvin Proctor (his Dad)

ask that you kindly save the date of

April 24th, 2010

to share in the joy

of the wedding celebration of their children

Molly Malone (me) and Jason Proctor (my fiance)

in Cavendish, PEI

Invitation and details to follow.


Okay so that is how I wordered it. My parents are still together but his mom and dad are divorced. And I didn't want to put his Mom and Dad together, do you think the "along with" his Dad part gets the message across that they are NOT together? I mean, most of our guests will know this but does it look alright on paper? I also put the line breaks where they will be, like his Mom won't be on the same line as his Dad.

Yes the place is made up too!


I mean it is a real place but that's not where we're having it, that's where I went on vacation and it was awesome, Cavendish, Princed Edward Island... just a little tidbit of info, lol!

Update 2:

Ck, I love how you seem to know my fiance's family already! I mean, you seem to know for a fact my fiance's step-dad would feel "terribly" hurt. No, I'm not including his step-dad or his step-mom. He's not super close with either of them. But that's crazy you know them so well you'd like to give advice on it!

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    Usually save-the-dates simply state the Bride's and Groom name, Date, and sometimes location. That's it. :) Nice and simple.

    What you wrote sounds wonderful for the actual wedding invitation...

    Save it for that :)

    Save the Dates are only notifications to do just that, "save the date"... No other information is needed. :)

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    Save the date's don't need to read like an invitation so what you wrote is a bit wordy.

    I always just thought it was "save the date of April 24, 2010 for the wedding of Molly Malone and Jason Proctor".

    Then if you need to give location or hotel info you add that in an insert.

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    Why do you have to put anyone but the bride and grooms name on it? Save the parents for the regular invite. I would just put something along the lines of:

    Maggie Malone and Jason Proctor

    will be joined in Holy Matrimony (or 'joined in marriage')

    on April 24, 2010.

    We'd be delighted if you saved the date

    and joined us on this special day.

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    thats a whole hell of a lot for save the dates. usually all thats on save the dates is "ms molly malone and mr jason proctor are getting married on april 24, 2010" or something to that effect. paraental info is usually only on the invites

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    You don't need to inlcude the parents' names, like everyone else has said. But if you decide to keep them there, make sure you add the stepdad's name. He'll be terribly hurt to be left out. So, make it Mr. and Mrs. Jim Brown and Mr. Marvin Proctor. That's IF you put all the names on, which I wouldn't.

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    I think I would leave off the "along with". It makes him sound like he was just added & not as important.

    Mr & Mrs John Smith

    Mrs Stacey Brown and Mr Marvin Proctor

    ask that*****

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    You don't need to put any of the parent info on the save the date actually. I didn't. It sounds more like the way you would word the beginning of your invitations...

    But, if you are doing it this way, I think you have done it perfectly! Good Job!

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    I think that is perfect the way it is. My hubby's parents are also divorced and both have re-married. The only difference we did was we included his step dad and step mom, but you certainly don't have to. Best wishes!

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    If anything, I would replace "along with" with "and".

    But I don't know if parents are usually even listed on save-the-date cards.

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