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Should Israel be made to pay for this?

Israel have claimed time and time again that they do everything possible to protect innocent civilians and so only use precision bombs. And yet as a parting gift to South Lebanon they dropped hundreds of cluster bombs and more recently phosphorus bombs both of which can hardly be described as precision bombs and are designed to kill or maim as many civilians as possible

There are still 1200 hectares in S. Lebanon to be cleared but finances have run out As Israel put them there should they not pay to have them demined before even more children are killed.



Joe Please read the question. Did I mention anything about rebuilding Gaza althought we could throw that in as well . The link should have explained it all but I guess that you did not read that either.

Update 2:

Dark AI I thought you said that Israel only use precision bombs ? I would hardly call cluster or phosphorus bombs "precision" would you? Both are designed to kill or maim people over a WIDE area.

Update 3:

Just a point it was not the 2000 war but the second one in 2006 and I thought that you were well informed ?

Update 4:

To mark targets ? Do me a favour, so why were so many civilians killed or badly burnt by them and as an ex British soldier I do know that these weapons are forbidden by the Geneva convention in civilian areas and how many times did Isreal even deny their use at all Dozens.

Update 5:

Dark AI Once again you failed to answer the statement. UNDER THE GENEVA CONVENTION IT IS ILLEGAL TO USE PHOSPHORUS BOMBS IN CIVILIAN AREAS Which is why Isreal continually denied even dropping them. Who do they think there were fooling as millions of people watched these bombs being launched on their TV sets.

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    The Israelis don't feel they should as long as they can get American tax dollars to pay for their overkill damages.Why not add loan requests for more weapons to kill more Arabs and steal more of their land-the Americans don't mind spending their hard earned tax dollars for the Israelis to abuse Palestinians and other Arabs-using tanks, cluster bombs(like using a shot gun-the scatter effect-not a precision weapon-kills as many as possible in a given area), and phosphorous bombs(again, shot gun effect, but worse-people are riddled with red hot materials that burn-causing slow agonizing death-usually used only to light up the night for better seeing-the Israelis used them PURPOSELY in broad daylight to CAUSE slow, agonizing deaths)-why Israelis can continue bombing schools, churches, hosptals, even UN buildings even though NO HAMAS were found-tally 1,800 Palestinians killed, 700 Hamas. Do you realize the murderous Jewish terrorist group(British label for them up to 1948),Irgun, is the present day democratically elected Likud. The Hamas, their Arab counterpart is now democratically elected-can not one terrorist group deal with another-no difference between the two-Israel refuses to deal with them,the direct source, instead, using the excuse to occupy(ceded the West Bank and Gaza strips to the Palestinians in 2005-so why are they still there) steal(NO ENUMERAION) as much Palestinian land as possible, murdering, brutalizing raping,killing innocent Palestinians to build ILLEGAL Jewish ONLY settlements and buffer zones- cutting off food, power, medicines,jobs-GEE!!!, guess the Israelis see no reason why the Palestinians are RETALIATING not causing retaliation.Whom is doing what to whom? Are the Palestinians doing this to the Israelis-I think NOT.

    The following link gives some UNBIASED statistics on deaths on BOTH sides-see whom has the right to protect themselves from whom-it sure isn't the Israelis:


    As long as Israel can persuade other countries that it is they whom are protecting themselves by destroying whole countries and killing mostly civilian Arabs searching for a few thousand terrorists, they will never pay for their damages-take note-Lebanon and the Lebanese were not involved in the war, only a casualty of it-so basically, Israel decides it is going to destroy most of their country-what did they get by doing this- a few hundred terrorists.15 minute warnings to empty buildings such as schools-emptying a building of say 200 people takes at least 30 minutes-so they run outside and become sitting ducks for cluster and phosphorous bombs-Israelis -well we warned them, never mind NO HAMUS found. Hey guys, that UN building looks suspicious and that motel with the reporters(actually to prevent coverage)-blow them up. That school child was definitely carrying a bomb in the backpack-we had to stop him with deadly force-no bomb found(NOTE: this is NOT sarcasm, but ACTUAL events). Oh, President Obama, we need more loans to protect ourselves from all of this.


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    "And yet as a parting gift to South Lebanon they dropped hundreds of cluster bombs" As a parting gift? You do realize this makes absolutely no sense? Cluster bombs are not exactly cheap - why would Israel drop them on the fields? If The Evil Israel wanted to kill civilians, they would've used mines, not clusters.

    The problem with cluster bombs after the wars end is that they are designed to disperse small bomblets on a large area. The thing is, not all of bomblets will explode (think about this... You have, say, 10 000 bomblets in an average bomb. 1% malfunctions = 100 of them left unexploded). This is not a targeted anti-civilian weapon. The problem here is malfunction.

    Russians did not pay to de-mine Chechnya, and they also used cluster bombs. How about you get russians to pay first? They used clusters before Israel - why Israel should be the only country paying for it?

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    "Israel have claimed time and time again that they do everything possible to protect innocent civilians and so only use precision bombs".

    Please,could you quote some official Israeli source who would say that Israel only use precision bombs?I,for example,have never heard such a statement from ANY Israeli high-ranked official.

    "And yet as a parting gift to South Lebanon they dropped hundreds of cluster bombs and more recently phosphorus bombs both of which can hardly be described as precision bombs and are designed to kill or maim as many civilians as possible"

    Well,and how many civilians were killed in Lebanon?You,evidently,have not served in the army,otherwise you would know that a cluster bomb can easily kill 20-30 persons."Hundreds" means more than 100.In your variant,it´s even more than 200.

    So,there must be at least 4000 civlians killed in Lebanon.

    Now,don´t be shy-and tell us the TOTAL number of the losses,both of Hezbollah´s bandits and of civilians,in Lebanon.

    A warning:don´t try to lie.

    Phosphorous bombs ,in spite of all your and "pacifists/humanists" screams,are not illegal weapon.And,as far as I know,even the UN,which is traditionally "deeply in love" with Israel,does not even try to start the legal prosecution.

    Are you better expert on the international law and illegal weapon than the UN experts?Or,what is more probable,you just hate Israel more?

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    while will Hezbollah pay for the missiles they despatched into Israel? How approximately each and all of the suicide bombers that have killed Israeli civilians? do you recognize that Lebanon supported Hezbollah, the comparable terror corporation that attacked the US on 9-11? Why might you help a 17 november extremely of a democracy, the only best pal the US has contained in the middle East?

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    Israel is still investing money in removing the last still-active Katyushas Hezbollah shot, which started it all, mind you. Or have you forgotten that the situation between Israel and Lebanon has been peaceful for years ever since Israel's withdrawl from Lebanon in 2000, until Hezbollah decided to shoot several katyusha rockets while crossing the border to kill several Israeli soldiers and kidnap two?

    If they want some financial help, perhaps they should sell the 13,000 Katyusha military grade rockets they have. Oh wait, I forgot, they all landed on Israeli civilians/houses/soil.

    Edit: Obviously you misread what I wrote. Check it again - The reference of using smart bombs was in Gaza, as it's an overly populated area. As for phosphorus - Israel didn't use it as a weapon, it was used to mark targets. You're British, you're ought to know, no? After all, your own army uses it that way in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Edit 2: "Just a point it was not the 2000 war but the second one in 2006 and I thought that you were well informed ?"

    Yes, I am well-informed and you've once again proven you're not. Read what I wrote. Obviously you're not aware of Israel withdrawing its forces from south Lebanon in 2000 thinking it would improve the relationship with Lebanon/Hezbollah. It was mistaken, just like it was by withdrawing from Gaza in 2005. Terrorists don't appreciate good will.

    As for WP, Israel denied using them as WEAPONS. Which is true. There are always a few casualties no matter how hard you try to avoid it. However, there were so few casualties[Especially in comparison to the wreckage Britain caused with white phosphorus] that it was obvious Israeli didn't use it as a weapon. Even Red Cross admitted it.


    Edit 3:

    Obviously no army is going to be shooting white phosphorus in the middle of an empty desert. It's used almost ONLY in civilian areas, after the civilians have been cleared or warned to leave and given enough time to do so. That's the protocol every army uses. Either way you'd like to put it - Either Israel didn't break the international law, or every army in the world has. Take your pick.

    Edit 4:

    And once again - All my references in previous answers were always in regard to Gaza. And in reply to the link you gave, further basing what I wrote in edit 3:


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    No, rather send in hezbolah , were it not for them none of this would have happened.

    And seeing that so many of them are dying to become martyrs, pun intended, then they should be as pleased as punch to go in and perform this dangerous task, the sooner to meet their promised virgins.

    It is illegal too for terrorist scum to hide and place their armaments and missiles in civilian areas, so try to give both sides of the story instead of being a sheep.

    Of course hezbollah and hamas only play nice , like when they smash children's heads on rocks? They picked the fight, dont complain if israel hurts you back. leave israel alone and they will leave you alone.

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    Did David asked if he must use a slingshot or a spear?

    Your enemy and in Israel case and the world TERRORISTS

    don't care how they will kill you, google all the ways they do it! if you dare!

    Israel has so many enemies does anyone expect them to be fair all the time while they don't know if they will be there tomorrow!

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    you use a precise bomb in a very populated area. those parts in south lebanon were small villages and manly open areas so you could use bigger bombs.

    oh and i guess labaneese people could ask for hizballa to give a small effort. after all it's them who started this war as the grand protectors of lebnon havent them? they had such a divine victory havent them?

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    Why would they pay for it, when they will not even let Toilet paper and soap pass through the border. The will not let aid get in.

  • Joe
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    No, let Hamas pay for any rebuilding needed in the area. They are the ones who instigated this conflict. If Hamas can't afford the cost, then I am sure that Iran and Syria who both fund the terrorist organization can pay for the clean up.

    They can also pay for the removal of all weapons that Hamas has smuggled into the country and left sitting in homes of perspective human shields prior to the next fight they start.

    Source(s): Mike, Just because you don't like my answer to your question doesn't mean that I did not read your question. You are stuck on the concept that Israel is always the bad guy; despite the actions of others in the area.
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