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Correct French translation? Anyone?

What would be the correct translation in French for: "Remember your roots" / "Don't forget where you come from" or something similar in meaning. Preferably a short and beautiful translation if there is one. haha

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    "Souvenez-vous de vos racines" / "Ne pas oublier d'où tu viens"

    Have a nice day! :)

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    I think you do not need to translate this sentence literally: "Si le sentier est beau, ne demandons pas oú il nous mene" would be acceptable but quite close to the english. According to me, the following variations might interpret slightly better the essence of the english sentence: "Tant que le chemin est beau, inutile de se demander oú il mène". "Si le sentier est beau, rien ne sert de demander oú il conduit". .

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    1 decade ago

    N'oublies pas tes racines

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    N'oubliez pas ton origine.

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    <Attende tes racines, elles sont mieux que tes souvenirs.>

    Take care of your roots, they're better ["more important"] than memories.

    Hey, if you take this much care with your correspondence, you can send me an email any time!

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    Souviens toi d'où tu viens.

    N'oublie pas d'où tu viens. (better)

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    "N'oubliez pas d'où vous venez" might work for 'dont forget where you come from'

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