ok hello there.

well i need help with my intensively bad skin asap! it's not even funny. my skin is crappy and yucky and i need emergency help!!!

well my skin is VERY oily. has like HUGE pores, TONS of whiteheads and LOTS of blemishes and other bumbps. i think theose are white heads too. and MANY clogged pores. and a couple of pimples. stupid acne skin.

i'm wondering what facial cleanser can i use to improve my skin? like make it smooth, no clogged pores, minimize the size of pores and no more white heads.

all suggestions would be very helpful. ps. i like netrogena products. thanks.

ps. what foundation/cover up would you suggest for my skin?

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    My brothers and I have dealt with acne....we have found that our diets play a key role in our skins health...1st we started drinking lots of water, 8-8oz glasses is a MUST Serious...hydrogen peroxide is the best cleanser, do NOT use alcohol EVER it is not good for anything but sterilizing your toe nail clippers, lol Next find a good facial mud mask, I suggest going to a spa for your first treatment it will be worth the money to have a professional get you on the right track. Ask them what you should be doing to keep your skin healthy after you leave the spa. Don't let them sell you "product" find out what is in the products and ask why those things are beneficial...then you can look for similar products or ingredients to make your own for much cheaper.

    I know you want to cover it up but don't, let your skin breathe and get better before you decide on some makeup, if you just have to have some try bare minerals they will not clog and will be light and let your skin breathe while still helping to cover up. Their blemish cream is very good. Eat More Natural foods and Less processed foods. Go for a walk and get plenty of sunshine, go for a swim at the beach...salt water is excellent for the skin. I hope some of this helps you on the road to healthy skin....The best to you

    Source(s): 40+ years of living life! Thanks for asking:)
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    Ok, for a start you need to use products for your skin type - so products for an oily skin. However do not use products that have any alcohol in them or anything that after you wash with it makes the skin feel stripped and tight.

    Water and soap is not a good idea, your skin's natural pH is 5.5 while water is pH of 7.7 and soaps are very alkaline so using this will just strip the skin of all the natural oils and natural acid mantle which keeps the good bacteria on the skin and the bad bacteria away. Your skin will try to compensate and you will make the problem worse.

    You should be exfoliating on a regular basis to help remove dead skin cells which build up and block the pores. If your skin is not sensitive then a glycolic product 5 or 10% is excellent or even better one with salicylic acid in it as these products help to get rid of dead skin cells which cover and block the pores leading to an increase in spots, while salicylic acid is very good for helping to break down the oil in the pores.

    Neutrogena is ok as a super market brand, don't use that wave thing thats come out, it's too harsh.

    Mineral make up is probably your best choice as it is non comodogenic and will let your skin breath.

    Besides getting into a good basic routine for your skin, you could also see a skin specialist or a dermatologist to see what your options are.

    Vitamin A products are very good for the skin and will help regulate the oil production, support the skins function and you will over time see a reduction in pore size. However there are various types of Vitamin A that are out there for the skin, some are easier and more gentle for the skin to cope with than others, hence the advice to see someone local who can look at your skin first hand.

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  • That sounds very serious. I would get you gone to a Dermatologist poste haste, Sweetheart!!! Let's allow your natural beauty to shine through and then you won't need foundation at all once you solve your skin condition. It could be a reaction to a food or drug allergy, too. The Dermatologist can give you extentive testing. Are you a teenager? Sometimes teen acne can get out of control, then resolves itself as you mature.

    By the way, at two of my three jobs, I am a professional demonstrator and for the past year have been showing a terrific Skin Nutrition called HYDRAME' at Raisin Rack, a great health food and product store here in Central Ohio. Look up HydraMe' online (if you wish). They are ALL THAT and have honestly helped my very dry skin and psoriasis along my hairline in the dry winter months. Whether your facial skin is very oily or very dry or even T-zone combo like most folks have, those are all just extreme reactions to something out of whack in your system. HydraMe' is totally organic and works well for male and female. Safe for children and teens, of course. Smells even better than Origins It's a Perfect World, which I was a huge fan of previously. I wish you all the best. God bless!

    p.s. STRESS can cause flair ups with whatever ails you, too. I'm often surprised to learn that most folks don't realize that. The body's natural immune system can falter when stress is too overwhelming, actually effecting negatively your whole normal healthy body functioning.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are lots of things you can do such as, choosing the right soap for your skin, drinking plenty of water, washing your face regularly, not touching your face, etc. I have written an article about this topic, so if you are interested in a more detailed answer, you are welcome to read this article:

    How to Treat Acne and Oily Skin

    Hope this helps!

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  • 1 decade ago

    wash it with soap and water every day (make sure you get all the soap off) don't cover it up with make up, this just clogs pores and gives you more spots, and drink lots off water.

    do it naturally. its best

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  • 1 decade ago

    Grow a beard - it will cover most your face

    you think you have it bad..i have no teeth...they never grew but i refuse to wear dentures so im yummy and gummy ...give me a call sometime

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    1 decade ago

    sudocreme works wonders :)

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