Wifi & phones..internet access question?

Through phones without wifi, access through internet will have to cost by phone plans. Phones with wifi = no cost for internet access? ..or costs on wifi?

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    1 decade ago
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    With WiFi, you have no cost through the phone service provider. You just have to be close to a wireless access point, either at home, work, McDonald's, Starbucks, etc., and it's free. Go to the airport, however, and you'll get a login page and a place to input a CC number, and it will cost you $10 to get on WiFi.

    Also, please be aware that while WiFi will get you interent access and email, you will still be using your phone minutes to make calls, and your text plan charges will apply for SMS and MMS messages.

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    4 years ago

    hi, susceptible WiFi sign surely potential you have a "susceptible" "sign" " no longer something in any respect to do with human beings sharing a line. It basically potential precisely what it says you have a susceptible sign. like while gazing television in the journey that your aerial is in the incorrect place you get a susceptible sign. so which you're no longer connecting to the router at it relatively is optimal speed. If it relatively is totally susceptible and you're right down to assert a 1Meg connection to your router then something which you do can basically flow on the cost you connect with your router as an test, plug in by a community cable... if it is going speedier then it relatively is down to your instantaneous connection and you will desire to the two get your instantaneous router out of the cabinet, take a seat closer to it or get yet another instantaneous router piggy subsidized from the 1st one closer to your place.

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