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Why do libs take such offense to the presidents name?


Are they embarrassed about his kenyan birth name

And to the "rock throwers" there were no complaints about "dubya"

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    It's because Hussein reflects the name of a dead terrorist Saddam Hussein, and the "Libs" don't want anyone to notice the similarities between their Messiah, and the Monster who tortured and killed his own people in the 100's of thouands.

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    I am more offended by his lies.

    Example: Obama stated on Jan. 6, 2009 "We are going to ban all earmarks, the process by which individual members insert pet projects without review."

    Listing the earmarks, or pork projects, which are worth approximately $7.7 Billion, is so huge that it is nearly impossible to sift through or review. The total waste does nothing to stimulate an economy.

    This truly offends me. Hussein is just a name, that does not offend me at all!

    Carmen A.


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    Maybe now that he is in office,and watching his first 2 days of signing bills to release terrorists( some admitted terrorists} from prison and Gitmo,making a speech saying we need to be friends of radical Muslims.The Liberals are second guessing their choice.During his campaign, the major contributors of millions of dollars were American Muslim organizations.Knowing all of these absolute facts would make anyone curious.

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    The name " Hussein " is the only thing about Obama that I don't take offense to.

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    I am neither liberal nor conservative but I don't care if his middle name is Hussein. It is a Muslim name, so fifty some years ago when he was born it was ok and acceptable I guess

    Source(s): I don't vote, could give two sh*ts less bout politics
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    I'm not a 'lib'.

    It's not offense to the name

    it's the misuse of it as if to imply the President is a terrorist spy or something that lame and out of touch with reality.

    Anyone referring to the president as Hussein is being foolish and childish and simply ranting.

  • TJTB
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    I'm not a lib, I'm a republican, and I'm not offended by the name, but by the INTENT with which it is used. i don't like it for two reasons:

    1) It's immature, spiteful and used to degrade not only the president, but a whole group of human beings who hail from a part of the world that has had a handful of crazies define them.

    2) It makes MY party look petty, low, unintelligent, racist and hateful. This attitude has cost my party its standing and influence and continues to bring it down to a place where we wont see power again for decades in congress or in the white house.

    I've actually learned to like the name Hussein after seeing it used by scared little people. It's almost like a cross that people can dangle in front of evil to get it to cringe and go away.

    The republican party used to be a much better party. We used to be above that, but we're shooting ourselves in the foot with 8 years of big government and liberal-style spending and now we're resorting to namecalling and being cry-babies at the state of our influence? It's sad.


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    You know...

    I don't recall anyone calling John McCain "Sydney".

    He prefers to be called Barack Obama. So I'll call him that.

    My full name is Travis Terry Anderson. But I prefer to be called Travis or Travis Anderson.

    Using his middle name has NOTHING to do with what you speak of and everything to do with spreading fear.

    Just how in the First Gulf War (and to this day) Saddam Hussein's name was pronounced "Sodom" instead of the more correct "Sahdaahm" to link his name in the minds of religious people with the doomed cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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    His name is his name, and I have no intention of letting anyone forget that they voted for Hussein Obama. If you don't like it, you should have thought about that back in Nov 08

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    I don't take offense to the name, but the context in which posters here use it. They insinuate that he is somehow related to Saddam Hussein. It's childish.

    And dubya is what his family calls him. But I like to say that he's the guy who put the "duh" in dubya

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