when did my Ovulation happ?????

my last period was on the 20th of feb,and next one is on the 26th of march my cycle length is 34 days. According to my ovulation calendar i fertile from 9 to 12 of march. so my big "o" was on the 12th of march. I heard that if ur ovulating u get this egg white discharge, but i never had something like that in my "o" week but i did get this really stretchy egg white discharge on the 6th of march then on the 8th, so does that tell me i "o" on the 6th or 8th of march??? these r the days when i had intercourse

March: 2,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,13

so what r my chances of getting pregnant this month?

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    you ov at middle of you cycle. so have lots of sex.. 2days before your mid cycle and after. ofcourse at your mid cycle day too...

    good luck and baby dust

    since you are 32days that's 11th day frome 1st day of your period. so have sex 9-14thday

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