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what are some things you can eat while on the ancestors diet?

supposedly its a diet where you only eat things that our ancestors were able to eat, like meats vegetables, fruits, water... no bread and stuff.. like what are things that you can eat for lunch im 14 and im just wondering i want subway really badly but then i cant eat bread and i want to put sub sauce and mayo but i cant put that on it.. so whats the point! like what can i eat? i already ate vegetable and fruit im looking for something to eat for LUNCH. i cant cook meat i have to go OUT side to eat it :) thnkkyouuu

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    Well i you really want to stay on the diet then go ahead. You cant eat what ever the diet says you can eat.

    Heres the only thing I found on the diet over the internet

    ''We should try to eat as much like our ancestors as possible, with those proportions of protein and fiber. When you look at them, all the standard diets are essentially converging. If you read the last Atkins book, he talks about eating fish, not a ton of saturated fat. And [low-fat guru] Dean Ornish says you should be eating whole-grain carbohydrates, not simple carbs like white bread. Basically, it's fish and lean meats, lots of fruit and veggies, and lots of fiber. And exercise is essential''

    Thats all I can tell you

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