About the Nuclear weapon?

If the Nuclear bombs are WAY more effective and drestructive than the one lunched in 1940s

how do they test the bombs of today??

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    1 decade ago
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    The real Nuclear and terror danger in the world is :

    > Who has actually used atomic bombs ;

    >> who has real active atomic bombs NOW ,

    >>> who is occupying lands of other countries NOW ,

    >>>> who is invading other countries and killing native innocent people NOW ,

    >>>>> who is arresting liberal people of other countries NOW ,

    >>>>>> who is supports the most professional terrorist organization occupying Palestine and killing children and women and destroying homes, schools, hospitals, food stores ,trees and more using white phosphorous and chemical weapons .

    >The real danger is *** THE SPONSOR OF TERRORISM in the world;

    and insisting misusing of a fair and correct Definition for "terrorism" '!!!!!!!!!!! >>> To protect coward terrorist leaders of the most Professional terrorist organization" ***" who have nuclear bombs , and still getting the unlimited support of the owners of nuclear bombs; ***.

  • 1 decade ago

    They got sufficient data of the nuke explosion, which enable them to buiild simulation models and rrun in super-computers.

    In the other words, they thought they have perfected the design. All will merely replace those old parts. They claimed that would be most efficient and cheap way.

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