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Is there not a way to allocate which everyone has equal access...?

The majority of the wealth is concentrated in a small percentage of the population. Many N. Americans/ Europeans waste so much daily, while others haven't the means to survive. Surely we could redistribute resources without having a for-profit economy? Couldn't we eliminate the existence of countries and eliminate governments, and rather have economically planning committees that evenly distribute resources based on need...? And where people are assigned production quotas to assure maximum productivity and discourage laziness? And where everyone who is able is provided a job? Although there wouldn't be a government, there would be people (ALL democratically elected) in charge of the local economic situation (where people would report their quotas and have goods distributed accordingly) and other people in charge of the economy on a world scale and discuss economic activity compared to previous years. Those who do not work or put in the bare minimum will not be provided with goods.

Is this not ideal?

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    You're a communist. You should move to China, for they think like you, and they are about to rule the world for 50-100 years.

    You'll LOVE it!!!

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    Move to Cuba.

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    that, my dear, is communism.

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