Why does Yahoo Canada have lots of sports, but doesn't have Canada's national game?

the game in question is lacrosse, curling also isn't included.

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    thank you for acknowledging Canada's national sport as declared in 1867. fastest growing sport in the world. first pro sport in the world. city new west minister most major championships one sport . new york second with seven sports . the nonsense about hockey. being official winter sport was illegal. violation of Original constitution very illegal. lacrosse is still Canada's national sport. yahoo is controlled by the media. united states media does not cover lacrosse or curling. stick both on back sports page. called 4 networks 2 weeks ago about lack of lacrosse coverage. nothing but words. both sports not media int rest in the states. pure bigotry by the media. yes i played both box and field. novice year lacrosse 1947. played lot of great teams . have Minto mann rings. totally agree with you. but we are just canadians .sorry if this answer is garbled. old guy, very poor health. was having problem when posted answer. i do agree with your question, played many years, still mad that 1972 summit series canadas team, wore the jerseys of canadian 1970 canadian national team for lacrosse. also upon his death. jack bionda former teammate was honoured by the press as the most dominate player of any sport. better than ruth, tiger, griffey, definatly gretzky. ali. the closestanyperson has yet to come is our bobby. did play new west. queens park arena. played montreal forum, maple leafs gardens. queens park arena. greatest of all. new west is title town of the world. if you care to e mail a old guy will tell you a shocking story about the stanley cup. not many old guys who know who the cup belongs to. please respond to this. thank you gret question. had to be helped to bed after orginial answer

    Source(s): old guy played to long. coached , live community of 2500. minto mann N L L championship rings. 4 players all retired . 22 championships canadas national sport
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    Organized hockey as we know it today was invented in Canada. It is the most popular sport, so it makes sense that it be the national winter sport (lacrosse is the national summer sport). It's sort of a meaningless question to ask WHY something is popular in a particular place. There is no reason for it.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's absurd they have cricket, but not lacrosse.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    who gives a ****

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