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Matt finish everyday makeup for colored skin (East Indian)?

I have had the most difficult time finding the right color -with a matt finish for my skin color. Have tried top of the line (Lancome/Estee Lauder/CD/ and others as well as off the shelf products. Come home with product - ends up either giving greyish color/orange/pinkish/too dark. Also have greasy skin


Yes, Light brown with freckles and red undertones - do not want anything heavy or cakey - just everyday to give light finish/glow

(so far found mixing is best - Loreal - true color match). It is not until almost a couple of hours later and seeing in different light you can see the true color. Have purchased at counter several times after beauticians have tried on what they think looks right - only to come home and discover it is wrong!

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    I'm assuming by "colored", you mean that you are brown/dark skinned. Darker Indian skin is difficult to match because there is an ashen undertone to it. My friends (Indian) have had the best luck with Bare Minerals/Escentuals. Try using a primer underneath the foundation to help control the oily skin, and it will help your makeup to last all day.

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  • Go to MAC. That was one I did not see on your list. They will sit with you until the find the right make up for your skin tone. And MAC has some of the best Matt finish products, or so I think anyways. And they also have this great moisturizer for oily skin that has powder in it to control the oil. For the life of me I cant think of the name but ask them and they will tell you. Ask for the moisturizer with the powder in it they will know what I mean.

    Good Luck To You

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    Rimme just came out w/ a new matte foundation. I believe it comes in mineral and liquid.

    You could aslo try mixing two foundations to get your perfect match. Or if one is too dark try adding a bit of moisturizer to it to lighten it up.

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    Those high end brands tend not to make a variety of shades for dark skinned for people.

    I would try Sephora and look for the brand "make up forever".

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