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Do you have any nicknames?!?

My name is Kashtin, so I have a few nick names haha

Kash Money, Kash Money Records, Young, Young Mula, ahaha.

Basically any nickname Lil Wayne has had, I have inherited.

PS - I <3 Weezy lol


Oh, my dad has called me Special K for a long time lol

I just got that a few months ago lol

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    Well, people that are close to me call me Jenny. But when I get crazy people call me JJ, which is short for "Jennifer Jeter" - which was my name awhile back when I was infatuated with Derek Jeter. Even though I'm over him, the name is still stuck with me.

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    Tony The Tiger,Nuck Soo Kow which means White Warrior in Thai,Rocky,Rambo,The Prince Of Persia,Van Damme,Anthony my nickname in Greek,Antonio in Spanish,fishhooks which is a another word for cheapskate

  • My name is Kimberly so every1 always shortens it to Kim.Then there's the weird names like...Kimmy,Kimmykins,Kimmy-Koo(when I get crazy lol),Kimmerson(no clue why they call me this lol),Kensen(becuz I love Jensen Ackles lol),Kadelecki(I happen to love Jared Padelecki too...),Hyper Spaz,& The Very Happy Maggot(my friend started calling me this cuz I love Slipknot and I always get really uber excited any time I see them)

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    My name's Angelica and I have a few!

    Angel, Angie, Ang (My family, friends and boyfriend calls me these)

    Eitha, Eitharoni, Ron Ron, Roni, Roni head (Only my sister and her fiance calls me these)

    Angie Bear, Bear and Lil Killah (My boyfriend calls me these)


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    My girlfriend calls me Lit'l Smokey.

  • yeah.. my names Stacy and i got nicknames like

    Shorty, Shrimp, Shrimpy, Twiggy, Twiggy J, and Lil Skittle.

    cuz im 17 and im 5'1.. and im tiny =[

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    Yup it's Jay.

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    ya, mine is mei bao

    it means d last good thing in family

  • shortkake

    lil bit

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