Who are being casted as the Wolve pack in New Moon?

I hope i worded my question correctly.. lol

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Solomon Trimble played Sam in Twilight (the one that said "The Cullens dont come here", but Summit Entertainment let him go. Instead, Chaske Spencer will play Sam Uley. Taylor Lautner will reprise his role for Jacob Black, Tinsel Korey will play Emily Young. Tyson Houseman will play Quil Ateara and Kris (Last name unknown) will play Embry Call. Bronson Pelletier will also be in New Moon, but they arent sure if he will be apart of the wolf pack since no one has said what role he will be playing. there are rumors that because of his native ancestory, he will be playing a wolf in the pack. another rumor is that Brandon Michael Vayda will play Jared. but Bronson Pelletier and Brandon Michael Vayda are rumored to play Quileutes, so im not sure if they actually will be. what i do know for sure, is that they will be in New Moon, but their roles have not yet been stated. thats all i know for now, but ill let you know if i find out anything else.


    I hope this helps!

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    1 decade ago

    so far you know sam and jacob and quil i think? but im not sure about the others. however i know they are considering vanessa hudgens as leah as much as i would hate that. and america ferera for emily.

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